RoadOne Driving New Revenue with Cargo Chief’s C4, Bob Voltmann becomes an Advisor and Capital Raised

Millbrae, California, UNITED STATES

-- C4 4.0 “Projects” provides visibility for carrier teams on load opportunities, helping 3PLs to uncover prime chances to help generate additional revenue --

MILLBRAE, Calif., Aug. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cargo Chief today announced that RoadOne LogisticSolutions has adopted a new C4 feature called “Projects”. This innovative service enables their carrier and development teams to work together to discover new load opportunities, which has brought in additional margin for RoadOne. Cargo Chief is also thrilled to announce that Bob Voltmann, who led the Transportation Intermediaries Association for 20 years as CEO, has joined Cargo Chief’s Board as an advisor.

Most brokerages receive daily load lists from multiple shippers and will typically select a subset of these loads, overlooking the rest. The C4 platform prioritizes these ignored loads by considering a broker’s existing carrier network, C4’s network of over 530,000 carriers, and other load characteristics. Freight companies like RoadOne have already been using C4’s Projects to drive revenue and promote team collaboration.

“As the impacts of Covid-19 pushed through the logistics industry, we started to notice an uptick in usage around our Projects feature. After a few iterations, we were able to deliver a tool that focuses on the problem that every company faces, how to solve for lost volume and revenue.” said Chris Arredondo, Co-Founder at Cargo Chief. Chris continued, “Having a platform that lets you take ownership of all load opportunities, not only helps drive revenue, but also gives you the tools to sell to carriers year round as most brokerages do with customers.”

“C4 gives us a way to see load opportunities that don’t always make it to our TMS. We’re able to take those opportunities, match them in C4, which will then prioritize projects based on what we care about; allowing us to plan ahead on challenging lanes and drive our revenue.” commented Patrick Carroll, Director of Operations & Pricing for RoadOne LogisticSolutions. He continued, “No other tools compare because of the increase in productivity it’s given our team.”

Analyzing thousands of loads and new opportunities against thousands of potential carriers is an extremely cumbersome task. This is an excellent application for C4’s powerful cloud-based advanced computation.

“Cargo Chief really helps traditional freight brokers with technology and data to democratize any technology advantage that mega brokers may have,” said Bob Voltmann. “I’m excited to help a leading vendor that is providing technology that will enable thousands of brokerages to be more efficient and competitive.”

Cargo Chief is also pleased to welcome a sophisticated Chicago family office into its latest oversubscribed round of fundraising. Cargo Chief will be expanding its team and introducing additional services targeted to help clients thrive.

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Cargo Chief provides multi-patented, award-winning technology and a carrier management and sourcing platform called C4 that enables 3PLs to buy trucking capacity more effectively and efficiently. The combination of the industry’s most comprehensive database of carrier preferences with an unparalleled array of integration technologies empowers clients to source perfect backhaul carriers. These solutions improve our 3PL clients’ service levels and margins.

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