ViaDerma, Inc. Provides an Update on its Current Marketing Efforts

Vitastem is currently being evaluated by a national hospital chain and a major Midwestern medical university

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ViaDerma, Inc., (“Company”) (OTC Pink:VDRM), is pleased to provide this update on its current marketing efforts and ongoing product trials of its topical antibiotic, Vitastem.

  • Vitastem, ViaDerma’s FDA registered topical antibiotic is currently being tested in some of the hospital trauma centers and ER facilities of an American national hospital chain. So far, they have reported excellent results among the patients treated with Vitastem, and are in the process of discussing the next steps with ViaDerma.
  • Additionally, a major midwestern university and associated hospital group is actively testing the Vitastem product and is also reporting excellent results.
  • Several marketing representatives working on behalf of ViaDerma are currently in discussions with numerous large national and international distribution networks that provide medical supplies to many large healthcare provider networks. Internationally, they are targeting healthcare providers in several regions including India, Singapore, the Middle East and South America.
  • A meeting is planned with an international charitable medical organization to discuss the possibility of their utilizing the Vitastem product in their patient care.

Dr. Christopher Otiko, President of ViaDerma, said “Our efforts are centered on getting our products into widespread use. I am very pleased with the results currently being realized in the ongoing evaluations. I have always believed that our ultimate success as a company will be due in large part to the strength of our Vitastem product.”

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