Medical Practice Income, Inc., a Subsidiary of USA Equities Corp. (USAQ), Announces the Early Success of QHSLab Launch in South Florida

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West Palm Beach, FL, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medical Practice Income (MPI), a subsidiary of USA Equities Corp. (OTC Link: USAQ), a company focused on value-based healthcare solutions and physician-directed digital medicine, is proud to announce the early success of the QHSLab launch in South Florida. Since launching the platform on June 30, 2020, 159 medical practices have provided 374 allergy patients with a QHSLab-generated allergen immunotherapy prescription, generating an estimated $664,608 in reimbursement revenue to these physicians practices.

There are over 450,000 primary care physicians, including licensed nurse practitioners, in the United States. Many are reporting higher rates of fatigue and burnout due to long hours, heavy patient caseloads, and declining practice revenue from a lack of healthcare reimbursements. Primary care physicians are particularly overwhelmed by the number of patients suffering from allergies, which often signal other health related and immune compromising concerns. Doctors need smart, digital medicine solutions that save time and money, while delivering the right treatment to patients that need it. With the addition of QHSLab, not only will physicians be better equipped to treat patients, but they will also be able to sustain their practices with ongoing revenue through healthcare reimbursements, generating new income per practice, per year.

Allergies alone are estimated to affect 1 in every 5 Americans and costs upwards of $18 billion in direct health and medical expenditures annually. It not only impairs quality of life, but is responsible for as much as $4 billion annually in lost productivity due to work and school absences. When over-the-counter allergy medication treatment is no longer successful, allergen immunotherapy is recommended. Allergen immunotherapy is usually prepared by allergy specialists however, today there is a published shortage of board-certified allergy specialists available to treat the number of allergy sufferers.1 Patients must now rely on their primary care provider to effectively manage their allergies. “Through our AI-enhanced, physician-directed platform, MPI’s QHSLab, we’re increasing the primary care physician’s ability to effectively address their patients chronic conditions, while saving them time and potentially expensive visits to a specialist when not absolutely necessary,” said Troy Grogan, President and CEO of Medical Practice Income, Inc and USA Equities Corp.

The Fall of 2020 is soon upon us, but this season will be even more alarming than usual due to the ongoing spread and impact of COVID-19. Fredric Pullen MD, FACS, an Allergy and Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL shared the following insight regarding QHSLab: “It’s so much easier for busy primary care physicians to have a software system that can automatically generate the patient’s allergy formulas for their appropriate immunotherapy, based on their allergy test results. It saves time and potential error which is a definite plus for non-allergy specialist doctors, especially in the age of COVID-19.”

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          1. American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Graduate Medical Education and Workforce Issues in Allergy and Immunology. 2008.

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