Vantiq Deploys Real-Time Workplace Safety Application At Headquarters, Together with Partners Bits In Glass and Rigado

“Smart Building” System Demonstrates COVID Back-to-Work Solution Featuring Thermal Cameras, Edge Sensors and Real-Time Location Data

Walnut Creek, California, UNITED STATES

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Sept. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vantiq today announced that it has partnered with Bits In Glass, a software consulting firm, and Rigado, an enterprise edge device network provider, to implement a new real-time workplace safety application, built using the Vantiq Back-to-Work Accelerator, at Vantiq’s headquarters office in Walnut Creek, California.

The “smart building” solution demonstrates how businesses can manage critical events in real time, using automated systems and human responders to react swiftly and effectively to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 or other workplace health and safety issues.

Vantiq’s implementation integrates several real-time data sources and devices, including AI-enabled IP and thermal cameras, IoT sensors, real-time location data, edge sensors and several other technologies, allowing Vantiq to monitor its headquarters for symptom detection, physical distancing, contact tracing, access management, safety compliance, and asset tracking. The solution has been instrumental in allowing Vantiq employees to return safely to work at the company’s headquarters office.

“With Vantiq partners Bits In Glass and Rigado, we’re demonstrating how quickly and easily this new generation of real-time applications can be built and deployed,” said Marty Sprinzen, co-founder and CEO of Vantiq. “By leveraging these powerful new technologies to monitor people and events in real time, automated systems and humans working together can ensure safer workplaces – right now.”

Vantiq’s solution monitors the occupancy of each room in its workspace, the status of each person upon entry (such as their body temperatures and whether they are wearing masks), and status of critical equipment such as hand sanitizer dispensers. The system senses people as they move through the space, analyzes the environment, and acts on critical events, such as a person entering with a fever – all in real-time, creating a safer workspace by enabling rapid response when necessary.

Vantiq, Bits In Glass and Rigado will provide a demonstration of the solution during a webinar today, which will also be available on demand.

“As a company evaluating returning to work in our own offices, we know how important it is to ensure employees feel safe and stay healthy, and so we’re honored to bring our digital transformation expertise to the table to help,” says Scott Heather, Vice President of Professional Services US and Vantiq Practice Lead at Bits In Glass. “With Vantiq’s real-time capabilities, we’re able to build smart office solutions to protect against COVID-19 risks.”

“We’re thrilled to bring our safe workplace monitoring solutions together with Bits In Glass consulting and Vantiq’s Back-to-Work Accelerator to demonstrate how quickly these powerful new solutions can be built and implemented,” said Kevin Tate, CMO of Rigado. “This is a compelling demonstration of a system that’s both easy to deploy and extensible for the future.”

Register for Vantiq’s webinar here. Learn more about Vantiq’s smart office here and watch a video of Vantiq’s live implementation here.

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Rigado edge device networks are deployed in more than 25,000 locations across 75 countries. Rigado connects over 6 million devices for Enterprise IoT solutions including safe workplace monitoring, smart office and buildings, connected retail, and intelligent logistics. Rigado is headquartered in Portland, OR with EMEA offices in London.

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Vantiq enables customers to build next-generation applications that combine real-world data and real-time events. Their agile development environment allows complex applications to be created in weeks with minimal coding, taking full advantage of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing. Vantiq powers a broad array of applications for smart cities, smart buildings, oil and gas, telecom, healthcare and other industries. Vantiq was founded in 2015 by technology veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, co-founders of Forte Software. Learn more at

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