Shedding Light on the Dark Ages: Author Realigns Focus on History of Byzantine Empire in Historically Based Novel

“Emperor’s Eyes” by George Vasil twines story of love and bravery with a refreshing history of Byzantine Empire

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

Arlington, WA, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Treachery and subterfuge are the hallmarks of “Emperor’s Eyes”, a historic action-fiction novel where readers are submerged into 11th Century Constantinople as a solider is placed at the forefront of an emperor’s demise.

Justin Philipos, a cavalryman, is known for his honesty, bravery in war, and most recently, as the new husband to his love, Eleni. As he leaves to be honored by Emperor Romanos Diogenes for his valor, he has no idea that it could be the last time he embraces his love as he is pulled into a dangerous political conspiracy. The unpopular emperor, who is struggling to hold onto his power, discovers that one of his men is a chief conspirator plotting his assassination and assigns Justin to his command to foil his plans. As Justin is pulled into this battle, Eleni is held captive. A story that promises to deliver a thrilling conclusion as Justin fights to reunite with his beloved wife, readers are suspended just above a plotline that is riveting from start to finish.

Having an outstanding fascination with the Byzantine Empire, Vasil seeks to enlighten historians of the Enlightenment with a prejudiced view of the Middle Ages that branded the era the “Dark Ages”.  When writing “Emperor’s Eyes”, Vasil sought to realign the focus of the era to the significant cultural growth and sophistication of the region including the Empire’s practice of advanced medicine, production of art and literature, and construction of beautiful churches and buildings.

“I wanted to entertain my readers with a good story and get them excited about this incredible empire,” Vasil said. He added, “I am flabbergasted at how much of the fantastic culture of this fascinating empire, that lasted over a thousand years, is virtually unknown to many people.”

“Much of the fun is how Vasil brings together multiple elements of culture, philosophy, religion, medicine, science, and politics to form a backdrop for the storyline. He pieces together a complicated world viewed through the eyes of likable, faithful characters who allow the reader to grow with them as they travel the Mediterranean from Turkey to Venice.,” a reviewer wrote about the book.

Readers will appreciate Vasil’s ability to twine a fictional plot with historically accurate debates over the divinity of Jesus, the interaction of the Christian and Islamic faiths in his well-developed characters, and the flaws in military strategy before Manzikert.

“Emperor’s Eyes”

By George Vasil

ISBN: 9781462012374 (softcover); 9781462012381 (hardcover); 9781462012398 (electronic)

Available at the iUniverse Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Dr. George Vasil is a family physician who has always had a deep love of history. He received his education from Colorado State University, the University of Colorado, and the University of Wyoming Cheyenne Family Practice. Having traveled a great deal in Europe and the Middle East, he felt inspired to channel that inspiration into the novel “Emperor’s Eyes” and the recently released “The Lance”. Dr. Vasil enjoys short term medical mission work and has served in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. He currently resides in Arlington, Washington.


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