SYDNEY, Oct. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Destin Writer shares the story of his two-year-old son who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2017 and the challenges he faced as a father in his memoir “Life Marrow: A True Story of a Family” about his difficult journey (published by Balboa Press AU).


The story is mainly focused on the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of Destin Writer (40-year-old) as a father during challenging times. When his 2-year-young son, Lucas Writer, was going through a battle with cancer, his wife, Emily Writer (35-year-old), left him in the most painful stage of his life. It shows a father’s devotion to his son during difficult times. The memoir reflects on the feelings, emotions, and challenges the author has faced as a father and family man during tragic events.


“Life Marrow” begins with the family enjoying the playfulness of their little cheerful two-year-young son. Shocking news followed by relationship breakdown hit their life like a storm and made life difficult for them. Destin Writer strived to minimize the impact of the family separation on his son and get his family back together, but hurt feelings became tremendous obstacles.


With his personal account, the author hopes to give readers “An understanding of a man’s feelings as a father and husband during tragic events. There are many life lessons for every family embedded in the book that readers can take away.”


“Life Marrow” is available for purchase online on Balboa Press’ website at:


“Life Marrow”

By Destin Writer

Softcover | 5 x 8 in | 128 pages | ISBN 9781504321686

E-Book | 128 pages | ISBN 9781504321693

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Destin Writer is an Australian citizen who has devoted himself to his family and the Australian community. He is a professional working to improve the systems of schools for a better education for Australian students. He is a loving family man, but his life has been a rollercoaster — from the bankruptcy of his father to cancer of his son and departure of his wife. He has shared the essence of the story of his life with a focus on his feelings and emotions that connect his past to his present.

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