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Tornator Oyj issues EUR 350 million green notes

Tornator Oyj Stock Exchange release 7 October at 07:00 p.m.


Tornator Oyj issues EUR 350 million green notes



Tornator Oyj ("Tornator") issues senior secured green notes in the aggregate principal amount of EUR 350 million (the "Green Notes"). The Green Notes will mature on 14 October 2026 and carry a fixed annual interest of 1.25 per cent. The Green Notes were met with a significant investor demand both from the Nordics and Central-European investors. The issue date for the notes will be on 14 October 2020.

The Green Notes are secured by certain forest properties owned by Tornator which form a dynamic security pool that secures also Tornator's other secured indebtedness.

Tornator shall use the proceeds from the issue of the Green Notes, less the costs and expenses incurred by Tornator in connection with the issue of the Green Notes, in accordance with Tornator's Green Finance Framework, primarily for the refinancing of the EUR 250 million term loan which was drawn in December 2019 for the refinancing of Tornator’s previous secured bond loan at its maturity in December 2019. Tornator will publish an annual Green Finance Investor Letter on its website detailing all the projects financed under the Green Finance Framework, including their expected impacts as well as information about the allocation of Green Finance proceeds between new projects and refinancing. The Green Finance Investor Letter will be reviewed annually by Tornator's external auditor.

"The green bond highlights Tornator's commitment to sustainable forestry and climate responsibility", says Antti Siirtola, Tornator's Chief Financial Officer. "Responsible use of forests, consideration of environmental values and care for biodiversity are part of Tornator's everyday operations. Thus, obtaining green funding was a natural choice for us. The green bond is a continuation to the green bank loan financing agreed in the spring 2020.  With these transactions, most of Tornator's debt financing is green."

Tornator will submit an application to have the Green Notes listed on the official list of sustainable bonds of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

Danske Bank A/S, OP Corporate Bank plc and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) act as Joint Lead Managers for the issue of the Green Notes (the "Joint Lead Managers").

Further information:

Antti Siirtola, CFO, tel. +358 40 773 0975

Henrik Nieminen, CEO, tel. +358 40 869 7613


Tornator is a leading company specialised in sustainable forestry in Europe. It owns forests in Finland, Estonia and Romania. In 2019, the Group’s net sales were some €106 million, and the balance sheet value was about €1.8 billion. The Group has around 180 employees. Tornator's own employees, and other companies and their employees working on its forestland, add up to around 1,000 person/years of employment. The owners of the parent company are Finnish, mainly institutional investors. Tornator's mission is to generate sustainable well-being from forests.


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