Astrup AS Selects Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning Solutions to Forecast Demand More Reliably While Reducing Inventory Levels

--$100M Norwegian supplier of metals and plastic semi-finished products selects Blue Ridge solutions to establish reliable forecasts, reduce inventory levels and support growth ambitions--

AMSTERDAM, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blue Ridge, the end-to-end platform combining supply chain planning, integrated business planning and pricing to unleash value from existing investments announced today that Astrup AS, a leading supplier of metals and plastic semi-finished products in Norway, has selected Blue Ridge to establish reliable demand forecasting, reduce inventory levels and support its growth ambitions.

The only warehousing wholesaler to supply the Norwegian market with aluminum, metals, plastics, titanium, rust-resistant steels and special steels, Astrup AS has a state-of-the-art automated storage solution with over 3,000 pallet locations.

“With Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning, Astrup will be able to establish reliable statistical forecasts instead of being reactive to sales history and buyer assessments and build a more professional supply chain organization,” said Harald S. Astrup, president and chief executive officer, Alstrup AS. “We found that Blue Ridge was backed by a robust R&D team and we were impressed by their status as a leader in supply chain planning software.”

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solutions uniquely integrate demand forecasting, supply planning, inventory allocation, replenishment and strategic investment opportunities. The solutions create highly efficient inventory allocation and intelligent replenishment across all locations and channels, both downstream to customers and upstream with suppliers.

“Blue Ridge Planning will give Astrup AS the tools they need to support their growth and navigate their supply chain planning and inventory optimization process with more precision, speed and assurance,” said Maarten Baltussen, general manager, Europe, Blue Ridge.

Blue Ridge SCP solutions plan and manage $2.9B in Revenue sold in Europe across industries including Retail, Food, Wine & Spirits and Durable Goods. In 2020, customers have accepted 99 percent of the planning recommendations provided by Blue Ridge SCP solutions, enabling them to maintain an overall 95 percent in-stock rate. This accuracy empowers Blue Ridge customers to consistently deliver a 98 percent service commitment to their customers, in tandem with significant inventory cost reduction. In total 59 million order lines were managed in Blue Ridge SCP.

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