Pierpaolo Who Is 18 Year Old Makes €80,000 Revenue Per Month by Dropshipping

Rome, Italy, Oct. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today we at Fame Ninja are going to cover a Teenage entrepreneur Pierpaolo who is recently making headlines as he hit the ground running with his online store.Pierpaolo has made over 80k last month by dropshipping.

Through this article, we aim to tell the story of Pier and tell his true-life success stories as he goes on his way to become one of the world’s top entrepreneurs and businesspersons. 

About Pierpaolo:

Pierpaolo is an entrepreneur based in Italy and is the founder of corporations like Kimurawear and TrueBlue Homes. 

Paolo started his journey at a young age when registered and began operating his first business before the lockdown that ensued due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Pier Paolo has gone on to create and participate in three startups.

He was born in Naples but lived in Rome for over 10 years where he studied in Rome at a professional school for 5 years and then graduated with a grade of 95 out of 100, which is a very high grade.

Some of his favorite things to do are he loves to travel and that has inspired him to find inspiration in giving the best of what he can do.

One day in the lockdown period when he was very bored, he had an idea for what he thought would be a  profitable business. Although he had tried his hand at other businesses before, he bought a course from a mentor, and exactly after one week he launched his first store. But that idea did not take off.

After the first store he opened, he quickly moved on to a second one. In that venture, he invoiced over 1,400 thousand in 4 days, unfortunately, that stopped due to a hindrance caused by a VAT number issue. Pier Paolo reacted by immediately stopping operations and taking his notes from that chapter.

By the time his third store was ready to launch,  Pier had taught himself the process of the law. And within 1 week he was billing over 1.5k per day. In less than 30 days and in June, he recorded a turnover well over 28k with his third store.

The last store he has been following recorded a significant in September as it generated over 80k in sales, even billing over 4k per day.

In Pierpaolo's own words, the moment he spent alone in Coronavirus created a new purpose. Pierpaolo realized quickly that to achieve that purpose, family time would become the number one factor. That was the moment Pier Paolo dove headfirst into not working harder, but working smarter by creating passion income.  Pierpaolo spent the next few years planning his future ventures. 

Readers can find out more about Pierpaolo on his Instagram page where he advocates for business and connects with his audience on topics such as finance law and such. Over on his Instagram, he also posts content about his personal life. You can follow him there to find out more about him and see what makes him such a great role model for the present generation.

Follow Pierpaolo on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pi_er8/

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