GDI offers Clean for Health – a collaborative care approach for all your facilities needs for the pandemic and beyond

LaSalle, Quebec, CANADA

LASALLE, Quebec, Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While the COVID-19 pandemic has had such a negative impact on society, one positive takeaway is that it truly seemed to unify everyone around the importance of keeping our family, friends and colleagues safe and healthy.

At GDI Integrated Facility Services Inc. (TSX: GDI), we know how critical cleaning and sanitizing are for safeguarding the health and wellness of the public in buildings and facilities; in fact, this is exactly the foundation we have been building our business on for nearly one hundred years. Since GDI’s inception, we have been constantly innovating and perfecting our services to not just clean, but clean for health.

GDI has been working with health and safety specialists throughout the pandemic to ensure that our services adhere to the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and we have created an internal advisory council and panel of consultants to ensure we provide our clients with the best, most effective and consistent cleaning and sanitizing services.

We leveraged GDI’s deep knowledge base and cleaning and disinfecting expertise to create our Clean for Health services and informative resource initiative.

“What really makes this an industry-leading program is that the GDI group of companies can provide your facility with a multi-faceted comprehensive approach, similar to the concept of collaborative health care for humans,” says GDI’s CEO and Cleaning Coalition of America Member, Claude Bigras.

“We have sanitization experts for surfaces and touchpoints at GDI, we have air purifying experts for HVAC filtration at Ainsworth, and we provide cleaning products including hand sanitizers, and disinfectants and critical PPE such as masks and gloves through our product distribution and manufacturing team at Superior Sany Solutions. With the GDI Group of Companies, you have one big team taking care of all your needs, which means better collaboration, consistency and cost savings.”

Our Clean for Health programs offer a variety of services including:

  • Full building cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection
  • Full decontamination
  • Enhanced Contract Cleaning Services incorporating specific Clean for Health protocols
  • Cleaning Ambassadors to support safer building entry and elevator access protocols
  • Sanitization Specialists dedicated to providing daily enhanced touchpoint cleaning on high-touch surfaces using dynamic scheduling and PIDAC Risk Stratification Matrix to determine proper frequencies
  • Touch free facility enhancements and disinfection & hand sanitizing stations
  • Periodic or one-time full building decontamination services to ensure added peace of mind
  • Visual markers to communicate recently disinfected surfaces/areas
  • Turn-key service in evaluating, optimizing and verifying the effectiveness of your indoor air filtration system
  • Providing a cloud-based building automation system that will bring in more fresh air from outside, and based on site condition, intelligently balance between performance and energy consumption
  • Installing ultraviolet lights to help in sanitizing coil surface in your HVAC system and purifying indoor air
  • Occupancy management solutions to help detect if people in your facility are wearing masks, have elevated surface body temperature, or are following the proper physical distance guidelines
  • Supplying masks, hand sanitizer, coveralls, wipes, sanitizing solutions and more

The GDI group of companies has remained vigilant and is continually reviewing and adapting to recommendations of health organizations and industry experts to ensure that as the pandemic evolves, we are implementing best practices for infection control for our clients. Our services have been deemed by applicable governmental authorities as essential to doing business during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.


GDI Integrated Facility Services is your one call destination for expert facility maintenance across Canada and the United states. With thousands of team members, decades of unrivalled experience, the ability to service national and multi-regional property portfolios, and a commitment to health and safety; you can trust us to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction by creating clean and welcoming work and leisure environments.

The GDI group of companies is formed of GDI Integrated Facility Services, GDI Services, Ainsworth, Superior Sany Solutions, Modern Canada, ESC Automation, and Delta Connects. Together these sister companies have created a one-call destination for not just facility maintenance, but multi-trade technical services, building automation, franchising, and janitorial product manufacturing and distribution. When you partner with GDI, we have the capability to solve any problems that might exist with your facility; you won’t need a separate contractor to get the job done. We are stronger together as one provider, one solution, one company and one culture. Find out how our collaborative team of experts can help keep the people in your indoor ecosystem safer, healthier, and more comfortable, by not just cleaning, but cleaning for HEALTH by visiting or emailing

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