Instaclustr Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Delivering managed open source data-layer technologies in their pure open source form, Instaclustr deepens its commitment to the open source community and to CNCF projects

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Instaclustr, delivering reliability at scale through fully managed open source data technologies, today announced that the company has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). CNCF is the vendor-neutral home for many of the fastest-growing open source projects, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy, and is part of the non-profit Linux Foundation. Instaclustr joins as a Silver Member.

Adoption of cloud native technologies continues to grow rapidly. As a provider of managed open source data-layer technologies, Instaclustr works with enterprises across industries that rely on Kubernetes as an essential component to their cloud infrastructure. CNCF membership enables Instaclustr to increase its support for Kubernetes and for complementary cloud native technologies that are crucial to Instaclustr customers.

As a new member of CNCF – an organization that exemplifies and amplifies the power of open source – Instaclustr continues to demonstrate its core philosophical alignment with the open source community. Instaclustr operates from the firm belief that modern open source data-layer technologies are enterprise-ready and capable of delivering advantages unmatched by proprietary alternatives. The solutions Instaclustr provides represent the most performant, secure, scalable, and reliable data environments available. Instaclustr is an active contributor to each of the open source projects it delivers as managed services, including Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Redis, and Elasticsearch. Instaclustr also continually develops and releases open source projects built to solve developer pain points, including a Cassandra-Kubernetes Operator and LDAP and Kerberos authenticators for Cassandra, among many others.

Joining CNCF and the Linux Foundation continues to affirm Instaclustr’s uncompromising commitment to a managed data-layer of 100% open source technology versions. Whereas “open core” offerings encapsulate open source solutions within proprietary frameworks and place customers at the mercy of vendor and technical lock-in, Instaclustr offers organizations the certainty of always owning and controlling their own code. With Instaclustr’s fully-managed platform, businesses eliminate the operational challenges and complexity associated with leveraging these robust-but-complex open source technologies, allowing them to instead focus in on product and business growth.

“Open source technologies are the power of community come to life,” said Steve Francis, Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President, GTM Operations at Instaclustr. “In joining CNCF, we’re proud to further expand our role within the open source community, and to continue to champion the cost, performance, and scale benefits that pure open source data-layer technologies are uniquely able to deliver.”

“We’re excited to welcome Instaclustr as a new CNCF member,” said Priyanka Sharma, general manager of CNCF. “We look forward to their ongoing contributions to building out open source data-layer projects.”

About Instaclustr

Instaclustr delivers reliability at scale through our integrated data platform of open source technologies such as Apache Cassandra®, Apache Kafka®, Apache Spark™, Redis™ and Elasticsearch. We enable companies to focus internal development and operational resources on building cutting edge customer-facing applications. Instaclustr now has more than 70 million node hours and 7 PB of data under management across its open source technology suite.

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