SAN FRANCISCO, California, Nov. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innovator and creator of first-to-market skincare solutions, Peace Out Skincare is launching its award-winning Acne Treatment Dot in Canada with exclusive partner Sephora. The patent-pending Acne Dot disrupted the skincare market when it launched in the US in 2017 by combining hydrocolloid polymer technology with active anti-acne fighting and healing ingredients for the very first time. In Canada, all skincare used to treat medical conditions, such as acne, are rigorously vetted by Health Canada. The submission must include consumer studies that prove the efficacy and quality of the product. Peace Out Skincare is the first and only brand to launch a patch that is certified to help heal acne in Canada.

“Peace Out Skincare's number one priority is creating effective, clean, and fun skincare treatments that actually work," stated Enrico Frezza, Founder and CEO of Peace Out Skincare. "Health Canada's authorization further validates Peace Out's Acne Dot as the first and only approved acne treatment dot in Canada.”

On his quest for a solution that worked for his own acne, Frezza spent three years developing the initial Acne Dot. Subsequently, Frezza continued to invent industry-first skincare products—Wrinkles, Pores, Puffy Eyes, Dark Spots and more—all utilizing novel delivery systems and incorporating unique blends of high quality clean ingredients.

The international brand began selling a limited selection of its products through Sephora Canada in May of this year. The Peace Out Acne Treatment Dot will hit today, November 20th and in stores November 27th retailing for $25 CAD.

Peace Out Skincare
Beauty-technology leader, Peace Out Skincare is committed to creating first-to-market, innovative solutions for everyday skin problems. Launched in 2017, the brand is known for combining cutting edge delivery systems with clean, effective, high-quality ingredients. Peace Out Skincare celebrates their ‘skin champ’ community by promoting acne positivity and skin inclusivity.

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