NetAlly Announces Simplified Wi-Fi Multi-Floor Planning and other Improvements in AirMagnet® Survey PRO

Colorado Springs, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Wireless network professionals will now be able to design Wi-Fi 6 networks for multi-floor environments quickly and easily.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetAlly continues to prove their commitment to support AirMagnet customers by releasing version 10.1 of their Survey PRO software. This new release introduces multiple installation workflow improvements and enhanced support for active surveys while using an Intel Wi-Fi 6 radio, but most importantly it also makes it easier to design Wi-Fi 6 networks in a multi-floor environment by adding the “Advisor Tool” to the AirMagnet Multi-Floor Planner.

“This provides Wi-Fi network professionals using AirMagnet Survey PRO a fast, efficient way to design for multi-floor installations,” says Julio Petrovitch, NetAlly Product Manager. “The Advisor Tool allows you to specify multiple Wi-Fi 6 network requirements, and then automatically calculates the optimal placement of access points throughout an entire multi-floor building in a single step.”

Earlier this year, NetAlly announced AirMapper Site Survey on the AirCheck G2 and EtherScope nXG as the preferred data collection option for AirMagnet Survey PRO. These handheld instruments allow Wi-Fi network professionals to perform a site survey without the need to carry around a laptop, use dongles, or tethered devices.

“The first few AirMagnet Survey PRO releases from NetAlly focused on adding support for newer technologies like Wi-Fi 6, and improving the way site surveys are done by providing unmatched flexibility for data collection and analysis through the interoperability of AirMagnet Survey PRO, AirMapper, and Link-Live,” Petrovitch says. “For this release we focused on adding new functionality to our multi-floor Planner and improving user workflows – from making it easier to perform an active site survey with an Intel Wi-Fi 6 adapter, to making it faster to install and register the software.”

Rick Murphy, CWNE #10 and Curriculum Director for WiTS Wireless Training & Solutions agrees, “While version 10.0 was a major upgrade to AirMagnet Survey Pro, the upcoming v10.1 provides incremental improvements, including new adapters, new antenna patterns and smarter Advisor for Multi Floor Planner. In my tests, the Advisor Tool consistently provided good channel separation even under challenging requirements. It is great to see this continuing commitment for improving Survey Pro by the folks at NetAlly. Much appreciated!”

The new enhancements are also available on other AirMagnet products like Survey Express, Survey on Demand, and Planner. Coverage with NetAlly’s AllyCare™ comprehensive support program provides access to this latest version of the AirMagnet software.

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