Author Guides Readers Through a Journey to a More Joyful Life in New Book

“DARE TO DECLARE: Greeting the Day With Intention” by Maria R. Malec teaches readers how to project positivity onto the people and things that hinder their journey to a joyful life

RIVERVIEW, Fla., Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Starting the day with intention creates a ripple of goodness that allows one to influence the chaos of life on their terms rather than letting life happen to them.  

“DARE TO DECLARE: Greeting the Day With Intention” by Maria R. Malec is an essential self-development guide to capitalizing on the 24 hours within a day one is granted. By shifting one’s focus from an overly- processed, toxic, easily influenced lifestyle to one of simplicity and focus on the self, “DARE TO DECLARE” spotlights methods to create sustainable wellness. 

Using holistic approaches to physical and mental wellbeing, Malec believes manifesting needs through the power of the spoken word creates a stronger connection between the heart and brain. By creating alignment within the body, one can project positive energy onto the things that are most important to them and the collective atmosphere.  Utilizing Malec’s methods to generating unity within one’s self, readers will find they can navigate life’s obstacles with greater grace and ease. 

“With the proper tools and guidance, we can consistently self-regulate if we truly want to, believe we can, and are willing to do the work in every moment that presents an imbalance,” Malec said. 

“In our current world we are bombarded with so many negatives from media, people when we are out and about and even from our own families in some situations. Maria is bringing us a plan to reset our image and heal our bodies through simple yet effective intentional words and imagery. Changing our thought process to a positive can make a difference in our own lives as well as the lives of people around us, so why not give it a try,” a reviewer wrote about the book. 

The news and social media have normalized a tense, self-loathing style of life. Malec encourages readers to take control of their corner of the world by being mindful of their presence every day. Putting processed coping mechanisms and medicines aside and making room for a holistic approach to a better life will open new doors for readers of all ages. 

“DARE TO DECLARE: Greeting the Day With Intention”

By Maria R. Malec

ISBN: 9781973698203 (softcover); 9781973698210 (electronic)

Available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble 

About the author

Maria R. Malec, a Ho’Oponopono Practitioner and a facilitator for cognitive rewiring, sensory alignment, and emotional integration, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Providence College in Rhode Island. She is a lifestyle consultant, author, and speaker. For the past 2 decades, Maria has worked to help families create sustainable wellness in their lives. Her specialty is helping people implement amazing health-promoting benefits of God-given resources eliminating the dependence on drugs and toxic products. Malec, also a mother of five, currently resides with her family in Tampa Bay, Florida.


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