Christian Author Releases Second Book of Inspirational Devotionals Based on the Book of Nehemiah

Christian Author Releases Second Book of Inspirational Devotionals Based on the Book of Nehemiah

CANTONMENT, Fla., Dec. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author Les Tripp’s second published book shares a story of courage and dedication towards a difficult task. “Walls and Gates: A Devotional Study of the Book of Nehemiah” by Les Tripp brings historical and cultural background to Nehemiah and Nehemiah's persistence in the face of great opposition. This motivational narrative contains a series of devotional thoughts for evaluating the effectiveness of personal walls and gates centered around the Book of Nehemiah.

“Walls and Gates” is filled with devotional thoughts with each containing a description of Nehemiah’s actions and their relevance today. The author discusses that by having strong, guarded gates one is able to control what is let in and explores how people are products of what they allow into their lives, either for good or bad. Tripp demonstrates that having effective walls can keep one from being overwhelmed by culture and the trials and tribulations of life. Throughout the book, readers will be challenged to form effective spiritual walls and gates, appreciate insights into Nehemiah’s leadership, explore the actions and events of restoring the walls and gates in terms of one’s spiritual journey and ministry and be engaged in developing spiritual protection.

“Having been encouraged to publish my study of the book of Joshua, I turned to Nehemiah and uncovered the depth of his character and his perseverance,” said Tripp. “I thought readers might enjoy a look at the man and his times and draw personal application from the events in the book.”

At the conclusion of each devotional are a related New Testament scripture and thought-provoking questions. Ultimately, readers will be taken on a spiritual journey of faith as they discover the story of Nehemiah and his significant task of rebuilding of the walls and gates of Jerusalem and his actions in restoring the people spiritually.

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“Walls and Gates: A Devotional Study of the Book of Nehemiah”

By Les Tripp

ISBN: 9781973697633 (softcover); 9781973697640 (hardcover); 9781973697626 (electronic)

Available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Les Tripp served twenty-three years in the US Air Force and seventeen years as a defense contractor. A church elder and certified men’s ministry coach, he has led men’s ministry, served on the men’s ministry leadership team of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and served as a regional men’s ministry coordinator. This is Tripp’s second book. He is the author of “Strong and Courageous: A Devotional for Men in the Battle.” He is currently in the process of writing his third book. Tripp and his wife currently reside in Cantonment, Florida and have three children and eight grandchildren. To learn more about Les Tripp, visit his Facebook page.

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