Wunder Woman Teams Up With Idea People to Deliver New Adventure

Introducing Quixotic by Campworks

Longmont, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Boulder, Colorado, Dec. 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Our very own, real life, Wunder Woman, Kristian Rene, so nicknamed by her team at the Wunder Institute for her propensity for big dreams and big solutions, has taken on a new adventure! After running the 2020 Rebelle Rally, overcoming hurdles and navigating a challenging landscape (2020, amirite?) in a biodiesel vehicle of her own devising, her next adventure begins with a surprisingly mild proclamation, “Buy up every domain with the word ‘Quixotic’!”

Rene, whose Wunder Woman moniker was assumed after patenting a process for turning industrial waste into biofuel, alongside a biochemistry student from Boulder, Colorado, has partnered with Thomas Hoffmann of Colorado Campworks to create Quixotic.


This team is innovating an ultra-versatile system of living with a tiny [carbon] footprint. And together, they’re dreaming big as they redefine what the future of design and systems-living looks like with products launching under the Quixotic brand. The first product is one of the most beautifully designed, well-engineered and luxurious campers on the market, The Nomad NS-1.


Quixotic, like the Cervantes character Don Quixote, is founded on the combined idealism that aligns the “brash lofty romantic ideals” and “extravagantly chivalrous action” to devise solutions for outdoor adventures. So, while it might be “foolishly impractical,” at the direction of our Wunder Woman, domains were purchased, and plans have been set for a full launch of the new brand.


Quixotic’s goal is to reinvent the way you experience the outdoors. Our products focus on innovation, adaptability and resilience, but most of all, quality. Adaptability and resilience have been the go-to mottos of 2020. People have had to adapt to a simpler life, many sought-out the outdoors to escape their homes comfortably and safely during on-going lockdowns due to the Covid19 pandemic. We took the opportunities presented by this experience to reimagine what makes a quality life. With a Quixotic Camper we believe you won’t have to compromise as you adapt to The New Normal.


The Nomad NS-1, the first Quixotic product, will be taking the outdoor camper and trailer industry by storm with its early 2021 launch. The Nomad boasts an intricately designed, fully solar electric system. Amenities include a chef’s kitchen, on demand hot water, and comfort in any weather, all powered by the sun. 


The innovation behind Quixotic is creating luxury without excess. You can do everything on the road including joining your 3pm Zoom meeting without hassle. Quixotic boasts thoughtful design that allows for a user-cycle that makes an impact without leaving a mark. It’s a complete system that will literally Leave No Trace as you travel, work and play with absolutely no limit to the life changing experiences attainable in every purchase of a Quixotic product. 


While the team is hard at work building out the future home of the Quixotic line of products, curious parties can check out Campworks and The Wunder Institute’s respective sites for additional insights into what they can expect to find when Quixotic emerges for its fight with giants.


Quixotic Team - Thomas Hoffmann, Kristian Rene, Clay Zigler The Nomad NS-1 launching in early 2021