Illya Shpetrik Makes a Generous Donation to Salvation Army Christmas Drive

Prague, Czech Republic, Jan. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As per Research by Fame Ninja, Illya Shpetrik, a professional soccer player donated to the Salvation Army in the context of  COVID-19 pandemic. Illya wanted to donate mainly to help those who lost their jobs and housing due to the virus spread. 

Illya has donated a generous sum to the Salvation Army to contribute his part to COVID-19 reliefs. 

The Salvation Army helped Illya in his younger days. He wanted to give back to the organization, and Illya showed his gratitude through his act of donation. Soccer player Illya Shpetrik decided to make a large donation to the salvation army in order to support their initiatives during COVID-19. When asked about the donation Illya commented "they helped me when I was growing up and therefore I wanted to give back during a time when everyone was losing work and housing during COVID"

During the Christmas drive, the Salvation Army provides meals, Christmas lunches and organises fun parties to interact with the elderly. It also gives Christmas food packages to people who are struggling and distributes toys to children from poor households.  The Christmas Kettle campaign that everyone has seen before has now been replaced with a red sign and an electronic tap pad/electronic payment processor.

To help the citizens survive the coronavirus, the Salvation Army updated its charitable services to include food and pantry services, emergency assistance, housing facilities, emotional support hotline, and general help to those struggling to survive with the global pandemic. 

‘Salvation Army volunteers, officers, members and employees have worked tirelessly since March, from providing food parcels for hungry families to helping rough sleepers keep warm to providing vital doorstep friendship for the isolated – they have been there no matter what. The Salvation Army has innovated and adapted to ensure our frontline of support has been there for those who need us.’

Said Commissioner of the Salvation Army, Anthony Cotterill, on the occasion when Her Majesty, the Queen of England, thanked the Salvation Army for working tirelessly to help people during COVID-19.

As of the end of August, the Salvation Army has provided over 400K meals, 200K+ drinks and nutritious meal boxes to pick-up locations and shelters. Over $800K have been used to provide emergency financial grants. 

The Salvation Army is a very important part of the Christian Church, though it differs in management and work. The objective of the Salvation Army is to educate the world, relieve people from poverty and exercise charities that are essential to society and to mankind. The Salvation Army also incorporates Christian beliefs and thus has faith in God’s saving purposes.

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