Millennial Showhouse Launches in Austin

What do millennials want when it comes to housing? The editors of Green Builder Media aim to find out as they follow a millennial couple on their quest for the perfect house.

Lake City Colorado, UNITED STATES

Lake City, Colo., Jan. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Meet Tiana and Shannon Harris. This 30-something lifestyle blogger couple is based in Austin. Like many young couples, they are navigating the exciting but tricky process of home buying. 

The pair approached Green Builder Media to get insights and pro advice on how to make the best home-buying decisions possible, and thus the VISION House Austin was born! This show home offers a rare, up-close look at how millennials view the home shopping, buying, and renovating processes

The couple is bringing their home search story to ardent Gen Z and millennial followers of their popular blog: Power Couple Life. They regale followers with glimpses of their lives as luxury travelers, gourmet foodies, and full-time adventurers.

“We started our blog and social media in 2013,” explains Tiana of the couple’s start building a social media following. “Combining sustainability and luxury is our focus in everyday life, such as choosing our meals, the hotels we stay in, to the design of our home.”  

Their readers eat it up, wanting specific ideas and information on everything from products to experiences to lifestyle choices. 

When they decided they wanted a new home, Tiana and Shannon got help from HGTV’s House Hunters, the unscripted TV series that follows people as they hunt for a new house. Join us as we pick up the story thread where the House Hunters episode leaves off. It’s time to green, freshen, and beautify the home they chose, so we are sending in the experts

  • Green Builder Media’s cadre of in-house experts, including the Green Builder himself, Ron Jones, building science expert and editor in chief Matt Power, and sustainability maven and CEO Sara Gutterman
  • CR Herro, Vice President of Innovation for Meritage Homes, will lead a video walkthrough of the couple’s new house to help them make the best performance and sustainability decisions possible. Herro will consult with Tiana and Shannon about what their goals and dreams are for the home, how they can make sustainable choices, and what can be done for energy efficiency, water conservation, enhanced health and wellness, and connected living to enhance comfort and cost-effectiveness in a remodeling scenario. 
  • Studio C² Architecture + Planning is slated to help the couple realize their lifestyle and design goals. The couple desires the popular modern farmhouse look with an emphasis on the outdoor living space, including a pool. 

Via raw videos, blog posts, and social media content, Tiana and Shannon will show what actually goes into creating a sustainable, beautiful, comfortable home. Get real insights into how these millennials think about “home” and what their followers—the present and future home buyers of America—latch on to, talk about, share, covet, and copy.    

Join along as they: 

  • Decipher the home's energy audit and figure out how to address energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
  • Deliberate over materials and floor plan choices.
  • Modernize the look of the home’s facade. 
  • Learn why they should invest in upgrades like enhanced insulation and HVAC solutions, indoor air quality technologies, a hybrid electric heat pump water heater, better windows upgraded appliances and lighting, and building science solutions.  
  • Figure out what flooring should replace the patchwork of more than 10(!) types of flooring in the house.
  • Incorporate Tiana’s love of indoor plants and outside veggie gardening and Shannon’s home beer brewing enterprise.
  • Find out what options are available to make their energy-sucking pool more sustainable.
  • And how, at the end of the day, to create the most beautiful, luxurious interiors possible in a pragmatic floorplan that suits the couple’s busy lifestyle. 

Learn more about the ReVISION House Austin here

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Tiana and Shannon work in management, construction, and development for commercial real estate. Advocates for using effective and efficient systems in the commercial properties they manage, they promote LEED certification as well as other green building programs. What do millennials want in a home? Follow along at and find out!