Aragon Research Positions Ramp in the Innovator Section of the Globe for Enterprise Video

Evaluation based on completeness of strategy and performance

BOSTON, Jan. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ramp, the leading provider of enterprise video delivery solutions, announced today the company has been identified by Aragon Research, Inc., as an Innovator in The Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Video, 20211. Aragon Research looks at three different dimensions when evaluating the participants in a market: strategy, performance and reach.

“We believe this positioning in the Globe for Enterprise Video by Aragon Research confirms our strategy of offering a complete portfolio of video distribution solutions for the enterprise,” said Neal Stanton, Ramp Co-CEO. “With the exponential growth of enterprise video, corporate networks are being pushed to their limits. The impact will only increase post COVID-19 as video has become an essential communications medium. It’s our goal to help every organization deliver flawless video experiences while saving network capacity for other business-critical operations.”

With a complete portfolio of enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solutions, Ramp helps organizations of every size deliver unlimited and uninterrupted live webcasts and video on demand (VOD). Ramp eCDN software efficiently, reliably and securely optimizes video distribution on corporate networks.

Because no two enterprises, networks, use cases or streaming platforms are the same, Ramp offers a secure, vendor-neutral eCDN solution for any scenario, including:

  • Ramp Multicast+ is the most efficient eCDN to stream live video. It uses your network’s multicast protocol to send a single video stream to everyone in your audience without consuming any more bandwidth than what is needed for one viewer.
  • Ramp OmniCache is an enterprise video caching solution for both live and on-demand video. It stores and distributes video from strategic locations around the network, typically close to large groups of people.
  • Ramp P2P delivers high-quality video to locations with limited infrastructure by peering devices to redistribute the video streams from one viewing device to another.

The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video, 2021 is available from the Aragon Research website. More information about Ramp portfolio of eCDN solutions can be found at

About Ramp
Ramp is focused on helping every organization tap into the power of live and on-demand streaming video. Our enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solutions drastically reduce the bandwidth needed to stream uninterrupted, high-quality video on corporate networks. Using multicasting, video caching, peer-to-peer networking, or any combination, Ramp is the eCDN for all—all enterprises, all networks, all use cases, and all streaming platforms. Ramp works with virtually any modern platform and is tightly integrated with leading streaming video solutions. Our software deploys entirely behind your firewall for maximum security and scales easily as demand for video grows. With centralized management, monitoring and insightful analytics, you get unprecedented visibility into and control over network performance to deliver the highest-quality viewer experience. Visit for more information.

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Ramp Holdings