Taiwan Lantern Launch for the Traveler’s Dream

Why Wishes Drift Above Taiwan’s Green Landscape

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

San Francisco, Jan. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Taiwan has a story to tell. To raise awareness about Asia’s off-the-radar destination while travelers are dreaming about future travel plans, Taiwan Tourism Bureau has launched a campaign for Bay Area residents.

One of the world’s safest — and most beautiful — destinations, Taiwan is seeking its rightful place on the wish lists of fun-lovers and adventure-seekers yearning to return to globe trotting. Fifteen new videos such as “Explore Taiwan’s Food Scene with Hailey and Adam” give a taste of escapes into the lush greenery of this unexplored island nation, each presented in a 60-second snackable bite.

Taiwan Tourism has teamed up with Buzzfeed, Instagram and YouTube influencers for guided mini-adventures that highlight several of Taiwan’s most appealing attributes: 

  • Outstanding Affordability
  • Safe, Green & Clean Environment 
  • Awesome Culinary Traditions
  • Gold Card Stays and Covid Success 
  • Extraordinary Culture & People

Taiwan is the perfect destination for visitors traveling with the most precious of cargo: a fistful of wishes to launch into the sky at one of the island’s glorious lantern festivals.

Linda Lin, director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in San Francisco said, “‘Escape to Taiwan’ to launch your personal wishes. Our safe and friendly island is a dreamy destination, but it needn’t be only a dream. Everyone is so proud of Taiwan’s track record in staying healthy and it’s our wish to share that success with American visitors later in 2021.” 

Until that moment arrives, we’re sharing Taiwan-themed wishes for inspiration.

  • A wish to climb Yushan, highest peak in Northeast Asia
  • A wish to cycle around the island once known as Isla Formosa, or “beautiful island”
  • A wish to admire, preserve and protect 400 species in the “butterfly kingdom”
  • A wish to dive into oyster omelets at midnight at a Taiwan Night Market
  • A wish to ride the Taiwan High Speed Rail at 186 miles per hour from the north to the south of the island
  • A wish to join the Mazu Pilgrimage, one of the world’s biggest religious festivals
  • A wish to hear the boom & sizzle of the “Taipei 101 Fireworks” on New Year’s Eve

And a wish to Escape to Taiwan...  

                                                                                    60-Second Videos

                                          Culinary                                                     Culture
                                       Affordable                                                     Green

About: Taiwan Tourism Bureau is the official government agency responsible for domestic and international tourism policy development and execution. There are three North American tourism offices located in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

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