Author Explores How to Find Community and Sense of Belonging Amid a Pandemic

“Ready, Fire, Aim: A Relentless Pursuit to Find Sustainable Joy” by Philip Floor explores how to feel a sense of belonging in a lonely world

Gainesville, Fl, Feb. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The apps used to feel connected with friends, family, and perhaps even finding love could be the driving force behind loneliness.

“Ready, Fire, Aim: A Relentless Pursuit to Find Sustainable Joy” by Philip Floor is an eye-opening, relatable memoir about how he found community, friendship, and a revitalized sense of purpose by breaking out of his mundane routine of bouncing between work and social media apps and seeking out human connection. The book gives young adults insight on ways they can improve their quality of life through their sense of belonging, and while Floor references the Church, he notes readers can apply the practices he outlines in the book to any type of gathering in any context.

Floor was hesitant to stray from his habitual solitude until a coworker encouraged him to go to a church service for young adults. Although he had parted ways from the church several years prior, he decided, at the very least, the service would allow him to put away his dating apps for one night and try to meet girls in-person. To his surprise, the service gave Floor a renewed outlook on the Church, and the unconditional love God can provide. In this honest, hilarious, relatable journey of parting from the Church and finding his way back, Floor highlights the harsh reality of loneliness young adults are plagued with and how a renewed outlook on the church can provide the community they are longing for.


“Social media makes us feel connected for a moment, but the jolt of happiness isn’t realistically sustainable. By taking a risk and diving into a community, any community, you learn just how lonely you were because you aren’t anymore,” Floor said.


“Philip Floor’s warm, genuine personality is evident in the very first pages of ‘Ready, Fire: Aim’. He relates his very personal journey back to the church in an attempt to help other people who may be struggling to find their way in this world. I was impressed with the way he shared his experiences without judging others who may not share his views. Hopefully, his message will resonate with others who are struggling to find their way,” a reviewer wrote about the book.


While not everyone can relate to journeying back to the Church, in this time of immense solitude and loneliness COVID-19 has prompted people are looking for new ways to connect with others. “Ready, Fire, Aim” puts the unnecessary pressure young adults place on themselves in social situations into perspective, and through his own journey, Floor coaches others on how to find love and friendship in lasting places.

“Ready, Fire, Aim: A Relentless Pursuit to Find Sustainable Joy”

By Philip Floor

ISBN: 9781973648512 (softcover); 9781973648536 (hardcover); 9781973648529 (electronic)

Available at the Westbow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Philip Floor serves as a Student Director and Pastor for Middle and High School Students and earned his bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from the University of West Georgia. He loves communicating the power of community, the impact the local church can have, and various ways to walk through difficult times. Using the vulnerability of his own experiences, Philip points to ways life can be more joyous and worth living regardless of the circumstances. Through humorous sarcasm and innate storytelling, his writing takes readers on a relatable journey. With another book in the works, Floor hopes to continue spreading his message while providing lived experiences as proof that joy is where you look for it.



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