Carlcare initiates doorstep air conditioner repair services in India


NOIDA, India, March 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Working towards the betterment of lives, households, and working places across India, Carlcare kicks in to provide doorstep Air Conditioner repair and maintenance services in India.

In the initial phase, the brand will cater to around 60 Indian cities with its comprehensive range of AC repair services, ranging from normal inspection and installation/dismantle to gas filling and changing cooling coils. This new line of service is sure to benefit tons of AC users who need professional and affordable air conditioner repair services, something that Carlcare is well known to provide.

Why choose Carlcare for your AC repair and servicing?

Carlcare, well known for its customer-first approach and reputable services, has secured a decent space for itself in the mobile repair segment. Entering the AC repair market means you can expect more reliable and high-quality Air Conditioner repair services from Carlcare.

Skilled Technicians

Carlcare has a team of skilled and trained technicians with healthy experience and knowledge about the essential AC types and brands, making them the best bet for you if you need professional repair and service for your AC.

30 days Service Warranty for AC repair

As well as their high level of professionalism and genuineness, Carlcare offers you 30 days warranty after installing or fixing your AC. This surely will give customers peace of mind and hope of receiving continuous support from Carlcare.

Prompt customer support

To wrap it up, Carlcare is confirmed for providing adequate and reliable customer support for its customers, both online and offline.

How to order for Carlcare AC Repair Service in India?

Customers can simply place a call on Carlcare's hotline number (18004190525) or book a doorstep AC repair service here.

About Carlcare

For the past seven years, Carlcare has put a smile on the face of over 100 million customers across the globe by providing high-quality customer support and repair services for them in the mobile-repair segment. Carlcare is the exclusive authorized after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, itel, and other companies like Syinix, Sun King, and Oraimo. With their professional, affordable services stepped up with special discounts, Carlcare provides various AC services such as full servicing and maintenance, installation and removal, gas refilling; cleaning and cooling coils replacement; and other AC servicing.

Media Contact
David Liu
Product Marketing Lead for Carlcare