Global Vegetable Oil Market (2020 to 2027) - Increasing Demand for Vegetable Oils in the Biofuel Industry is Driving Growth


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The global Vegetable Oil Market is anticipated to grow to US$ 299.18 Billion by 2027. It is expected to grow with a CAGR of 3.30% from 2020 to 2027.

Vegetable oils are attained from legitimate sources like seeds, nuts, and fruits. They find extensive applications in a zone ranging from food to household and personal care zones. They are of rich nutrient origin and are used in cooking, non-dairy creamers, and ice-cream. They are being used as a substitute for animal fats. It is used to make soaps, detergents, lubricants, greases, and candles in case of non-food applications.

The expanding use of vegetable oil in food applications, prominently in blooming countries, aids the global market growth. The inclination in consumption of the economy is an outcome of the booming population, transposing diets, and higher standards of living. The further thrust to the market has been calculated by rising demand for its imports.

The Major Drivers of the Global Vegetable Oil Market are:

  • Surging use of vegetable oil in the food industry business as they pave a trans-fat free substitute.
  • Growing demand for vegetable oils in the biofuel industry.
  • Increasing health benefits of vegetable oils.

Based on types and countries, the market has been further divided. Out of the total vegetable oil consumption, the palm kernel oil largely influences the global vegetable oil market. Palm kernel oil is succeeded by Palm Oil, Soybean Oil and Olive Oil. In the year 2020, Vegetable Oil Industry was at USD 238.30 Billion, and it has grown from there year on year.

The food industry uses a major part of the total vegetable oil produced. The industrial usage and the bio-fuel industry succeed in the food industry. By country, China accounts for one of the big market contributing to the total global consumption of vegetable oil. The majority of the production volume share constitutes by Indonesia and China and is anticipated to continue its domination among the producing countries in the upcoming years. The leading industry players are Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Wilmar International Limited, Olam International Limited and Sime Darby Plantation Berhad.

COVID-19 Impact

There has been a noteworthy decline in the demand for vegetable oil on recital of the closure of hotels, restaurants, and catering services due to breakout of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and its resultant lockdowns. It has been projected that the global vegetable oil market will exhibit moderate growth during the next seven years.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Introduction

2. Research & Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Driver
4.2 Challenges

5. Global Vegetable Oil Market

6. Share Analysis
6.1 Market Share
6.1.1 By Consumption
6.2 Volume Share
6.2.1 By Production
6.2.2 By Imports
6.2.3 By Exports

7. Global Vegetable Oil Market & Volume
7.1 Coconut Oil
7.1.1 Market
7.1.2 Volume
7.2 Cottonseed Oil
7.2.1 Market
7.2.2 Volume
7.3 Olive Oil
7.3.1 Market
7.3.2 Volume
7.4 Palm Oil
7.4.1 Market
7.4.2 Volume
7.5 Palm Kernel Oil
7.5.1 Market
7.5.2 Volume
7.6 Peanut Oil
7.6.1 Market
7.6.2 Volume
7.7 Rapeseed Oil
7.7.1 Market
7.7.2 Volume
7.8 Soybean Oil
7.8.1 Market
7.8.2 Volume
7.9 Sunflower Seed Oil
7.9.1 Market
7.9.2 Volume

8. Production - Volume
8.1 Coconut Oil
8.2 Cottonseed Oil
8.3 Olive Oil
8.4 Palm Oil
8.5 Palm Kernel Oil
8.6 Peanut Oil
8.7 Rapeseed Oil
8.8 Soybean Oil
8.9 Sunflower Seed Oil

9. Import - Volume
9.1 Coconut Oil
9.2 Cottonseed Oil
9.3 Olive Oil
9.4 Palm Oil
9.5 Palm Kernel Oil
9.6 Peanut Oil
9.7 Rapeseed Oil
9.8 Soybean Oil
9.9 Sunflower Seed Oil

10. Export - Volume
10.1 Coconut Oil
10.2 Cottonseed Oil
10.3 Olive Oil
10.4 Palm Oil
10.5 Palm Kernel Oil
10.6 Peanut Oil
10.7 Rapeseed Oil
10.8 Soybean Oil
10.9 Sunflower Seed Oil

11. Consumption by Country
11.1 China
11.2 European Union
11.3 India
11.4 Indonesia
11.5 United States
11.6 Brazil
11.7 Malaysia
11.8 Thailand
11.9 Japan
11.10 Others

12. Production by Country
12.1 Indonesia
12.2 China
12.3 Malaysia
12.4 European Union
12.5 United States
12.6 Brazil
12.7 Other

13. Import by Country
13.1 India
13.2 China
13.3 European Union
13.4 United States
13.5 Malaysia
13.6 South Korea
13.7 Other

14. Export by Country
14.1 Indonesia
14.2 Malaysia
14.3 Russia
14.4 Canada
14.5 European Union
14.6 Other

15. Merger & Acquisitions

16. Company Analysis
16.1 Cargill
16.1.1 Overview
16.1.2 Recent Developments
16.1.3 Revenues
16.2 ADM
16.2.1 Overview
16.2.2 Recent Developments
16.2.3 Revenues
16.3 Wilmar International Limited
16.3.1 Overview
16.3.2 Recent Developments
16.3.3 Revenues
16.4 Sime Darby Plantation Berhad
16.4.1 Overview
16.4.2 Recent Developments
16.4.3 Revenues
16.5 Olam International Limited
16.5.1 Overview
16.5.2 Recent Developments
16.5.3 Revenues

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