Psychiatrist Tells All with March 5 Launch of Book “Wounded Workers”

Dr. Bob Larsen shares the stories of America’s workforce subjected to physical and psychological trauma for doing their jobs


SANTA FE, N.M., March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Now available on Amazon Books, “Wounded Workers” from Working Man's Press is Dr. Bob Larsen’s first book intended for an audience of folks who have worked or are still working. It takes readers to the inner sanctum of a psychiatrist’s notes, never seen before! This book honoring workers might be the perfect gift from employers to their staff on March 5, designated as “Employee Appreciation Day.”

The book recounts the compelling stories of America’s workforce subjected to physical and psychological trauma for doing their jobs. The book relates tales from the trenches, of workers tormented by ill fortune, both natural and man-made. A bank teller robbed one too many times, a paramedic who cannot save his own father’s life, a prostitute who becomes an advocate for sex workers and other unfortunate employees who find themselves sent to this author-psychiatrist for rescue. Readers will be exposed to stories of workers subjected to shootings, amputations, sexual assaults, and healthcare-induced disability. You will relate to the plight, courage and persistence of victims who could be your neighbor, friend, family member or co-worker. You will be glued to the couch while turning pages. Dr. Bob Larsen’s own personal journey as a working-class kid who becomes a scientist, physician and professor is intertwined with the dynamics of victimization, recovery, and advocacy.

I love books that, besides being well-written and entertaining, help me learn something important.

“Wounded Workers” will grab your attention while experiencing the human response to horrific, yet common critical incidents. Clinical terminology is minimized. You won’t need a medical degree to understand what these workers go through.

“I love books that, besides being well-written and entertaining, help me learn something important. Wounded Workers is one of those!

Dr. Bob Larsen skillfully interweaves the inspiring story of his development from a self-described nerdy kid to a well-regarded psychiatrist and advocate for working people. The text explodes with fascinating stories of clients Dr. Bob has helped and with tales of those who mentored and helped him.

A crusader for making mental health care accessible as a basic human right, Dr. Bob’s advocacy sought to persuade insurance companies and employers to consider the long-term psychological impact of debilitating work-related injuries.

Some of the many moving encounters highlight the amazing resilience of maimed and traumatized workers who, instead of giving up, found value in the life that was left for them. Dr. Bob’s descriptions of how his clients struggled to deal with the psychological effects of loss of limbs, scarring accidents, and other traumatic events testify to the need for major and compassionate change. Many of the stories focus on “essential workers,” people who need the practical and kind advice of a working man’s shrink more than ever. His astute observations on overcoming victimization and the inspiring reality of Post Traumatic Growth resonated deeply with me, especially in the trying times of COVID grief and isolation.

Wounded Workers will resonate with general readers as well as anyone with a special interest in mental health care and making it more accessible as a basic human right.”

Anne Hillerman
N. Y. Times Best-Selling Author

A wise, entertaining memoir ...

“Wounded Workers” is a wise, entertaining memoir that teaches while it describes Dr. Larsen’s journey at becoming an occupational psychiatrist. From “slap therapy” to “post traumatic growth”, it introduces new ideas that challenge our field. The clinical tales are often gripping and self-revelatory. This is a wonderful read for clinicians, trainees and anyone interested in the richness that is the practice of psychiatry today.

Steven S. Sharfstein, M.D.
President Emeritus, Sheppard Pratt Health System, Past President, American Psychiatric Association

Dr. Bob Larsen is a working-class kid who grew up to become a ‘working man’s shrink’. He has more degrees than a thermometer.

Forsaking a career in molecular and cellular biology, Dr. Bob opted to attend medical school at Northwestern University where he was smitten by the field of psychiatry, never having taken a course in psychology. He then bypassed his alma mater in Colorado to complete a residency at UCSF, a Robert Wood Johnson fellowship at Stanford/UCSF, and an MPH at Cal. As a Clinical Professor at UCSF, his expertise is in the fields of occupational and forensic psychiatry.

Dr. Bob served on the Industrial Medical Council for its entire thirteen-year existence. He has done yeoman’s work for impaired physicians, seriously injured workers, and all who confront stodgy bureaucrats in our health care system. He is a member of the American College of Psychiatrists and the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry.

For more information, visit Dr. Bob’s website at To purchase “Wounded Workers,” visit Amazon Books.