AssistRx Expands CoAssist Facility to Better Serve Patients and Healthcare Providers with Automated, Affordability-Centered Therapy Initiation

Technology-driven patient onboarding platform facilitates timely access to prescribed therapy for all patient types

ORLANDO, Fla., March 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AssistRx, the intelligent therapy initiation and patient support solutions provider, today announced the expansion of its CoAssist facility. CoAssist is the only technology-driven patient onboarding pharmacy platform that automates patient affordability-centered therapy initiation to improve uptake, visibility and outcomes.

CoAssist combines AssistRx technology with fulfillment services offered by CoAssist Pharmacy and its network pharmacies to automate and speed access to prescribed therapy. Upon receiving a prescription and at the direction of the physician, this interoperable, agnostic solution initiates AssistRx e-support services—e-consent, e-benefit verification, real-time e-prior authorization and more—and directs the prescription to the best therapy fulfillment option for the patient.

The interoperable nature of CoAssist facilitates prescription triage to the appropriate distribution channel based on the patient’s benefit design, including dispense from a non-commercial pharmacy, the CoAssist Pharmacy Network or as a cash-pay option from CoAssist Pharmacy. This speeds access to therapy while preventing switches at the pharmacy that could diminish treatment effectiveness.

“CoAssist addresses an underserved market segment in the life sciences industry. Its expanded footprint will increase therapy access and improve outcomes for more patients,” said AssistRx President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Spafford. “Our legacy technology, pharmacy and patient solutions expertise laid the foundation to build a solution that addresses the pain points unique to retail and specialty products and optimizes program performance.”

With CoAssist, healthcare providers enjoy a streamlined experience and confidence that their patients will gain access to prescribed therapy. Patients and caregivers enjoy faster access to therapy and improved outcomes. Further, CoAssist therapy insights and analytics deliver real-time updates to healthcare providers and life sciences organizations to drive best-in-class experiences.

To learn more about CoAssist, join AssistRx’s upcoming webinar series, “Optimizing Program Performance: An Innovative Approach for Retail and Specialty Products.” The first installment will be broadcast March 30, 2021.

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