Abacode Unveils Cybersecurity and Compliance in a Single Managed Service

Tampa, Florida, UNITED STATES

Empowers Businesses to Stay Focused on Growth

TAMPA BAY, Fla., March 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Abacode, the fastest growing provider of cloud-based security and compliance services, today announced a unified solution designed to help businesses predict and prevent modern, sophisticated cyber threats – while also ensuring compliance with growing regulatory mandates.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, more than 50 percent of all cyber-attacks target small to medium-sized enterprises, and 60 percent of those businesses will fold within six months. Abacode's new Managed Cybersecurity and Compliance Services (MCCP) Core provides organizations with a full range of protection, remediation, and compliance capabilities to keep them secure, compliant, and focused on growth.

Many business owners believe that paying for security tools will suffice to deflect cyberattacks in this age of technological awareness. Yet, according to a recent report, despite organizations deploying several security products, 53% of attacks remained undetected. 

Abacode's MCCP Core provides critical cybersecurity and compliance capabilities – delivered as a single managed service – reducing the complexity and strain on resources. Abacode's deep expertise in complex regulatory environments ensures clients have both cybersecurity and compliance requirements up to date at all times. Clients have realized immediate benefits, including improvements in threat detection and protection, a new-found control over regulatory compliance, and the reduction of complexity and cost of multiple suppliers. 

"Businesses come to us because they're tired of constantly reacting to security threats and playing catch-up with compliance regulations," said Michael Ferris, CEO of Abacode. "With MCCP Core, we provide the support, expertise, and protection companies need, with the simplicity of a single managed service. We do what we're best at, so our clients can shift their focus back to the business - with confidence that they're protected and compliant."

As the leading Managed Cybersecurity and Compliance Services Provider (MCCP), Abacode delivers complete cybersecurity and compliance solution in one managed, scalable service for better protection and visibility, simplifying these foundational business requirements for SMBs and MSPs. Abacode's MCCP Core includes:

Managed Threat Detection - 91% of cyberattacks don't trigger security alerts. Abacode combines leading Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and AI Threat Detection software with its Security Operations Center (SOC), with eyes on glass 24/7 for real-time visibility across your entire threat landscape.

Assessment and Advisory - Delivers an accurate vulnerability assessment: Gap identification, a report card on business impacts, and remediation strategies.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response - Provides threat intelligence enriched with deep cybersecurity expertise to manage the preparation, threat response, and mitigation when an attack occurs. 

Managed Compliance - A recent study shows that it costs an organization twice as much to not conform with compliance mandates versus making the initial investment. Abacode ensures that organizations abide by regulation requirements and certification bodies (CB) to prepare audits against security standards such as CMMC, HIPAA, FedRAMP, NIST, and SOC 2.

"Abacode has evolved beyond traditional managed security services by unifying protection, remediation, and compliance – something we continuously saw as a gap with our competitors," said Ferris. "The impact of cyber-attacks and non-compliance can be life or death for SMBs today. Our mission is to help businesses not just stay safe and compliant, but to thrive as industry leaders."

Unifying cybersecurity and compliance, driven and reported out of Abacode's dual redundant 24×7 Compliance Security Operations Center (C-SOC), translates to threat and compliance management in near real-time. Clients see an immediate improvement in their ability to detect more cyber threats, respond more swiftly, and avoid the costly impact of undetected attacks.

Abacode's end-to-end security and compliance solutions ensure organizations abide by regulation requirements and certification bodies (CB) to prepare audits against security standards such as HIPAA, FedRAMP, NIST, and SOC 2. Abacode manages the entire process and acts as their customers' security department during the assessment, audit, examination, or certification processes.

About Abacode

Abacode is a next-generation Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Provider (MCCP). Leveraging a unified platform, they help businesses of all sizes implement a holistic, framework-based cybersecurity program. Their unique service model enables their customers to transform cybersecurity challenges into their competitive advantage. 

Abacode works in collaboration with third-party audit, attestation, and certification bodies. They complete the gaps needed to meet a compliance standard and manage an entire program's implementation and ongoing management. Abacode's unified services platform is designed to stay ahead of constant compliance changes and updates, along with continuous cybersecurity monitoring and control.

Learn more at: www.abacode.com