The Jazz en Rafale – LIVE CAM Festival Reinvents the Live Jazz Experience and Reaches New Audiences During the Global Pandemic

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

MONTREAL, March 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With concerts that span over a four-month period including upcoming new launches from the multi-award winning Jazzlab Orchestra with Loguslabusmuzikus and François Bourassa with L’Impact du Silence, the Jazz en Rafale – LIVE CAM Festival has contributed to the evolution of the live jazz experience. This is with creative partnerships taking place at the historic Piccolo Studios in Montreal and featuring a supreme lineup of artists offering some jazz healing during these challenging and isolating months of the global pandemic.

Available on demand until May 1, 2021Artist / Group
Manoel Vieira – Rhizome (launch) – Effendi  
Benjamin Deschamps – Road-Trip – Boulev’art  
Auguste Quartet – Exalta calma (launch) – Effendi
Yannick Rieu / Génération Quartet – Les Productions Yari
Yves Léveillé – Souffle de liberté - Les Productions Yves Léveillé
 Jacques Kuba Séguin – Microcosme – Odd Sound 
On demand available within 48 hours of the concert, until May 1, 2021
Artist / Group
March 27, 8:00 pmJazzlab Orchestra – Loguslabusmuzikus (exclusive preview of upcoming new album) – Effendi 
April 10, 8:00 pmFrançois Bourassa - L’Impact du Silence (album launch) – Effendi 
April 24, 8:00 pmFélix Stüssi / Super Nova 4 – Les Productions Félix Stüssi

OVERVIEW JAZZ EN RAFALE FESTIVAL: This is the 19th edition of the Jazz en Rafale Festival. It was founded by Alain Bédard, president of Effendi Records. This year’s edition presents nine concerts featuring an extraordinary line up of Quebec’s most profound jazz artists performing live to stream and on demand between January and May 2021.  It is coordinated by the Effendi record label in collaboration with Piccolo Studios, MB Productions, Justin Toussaint, Pascal Milette and producers: FamGroup, Boulev'art, Yari Productions, Odd Sound, Yves Léveillé Productions, Félix Stüssi Productions and Collectif Jazzlab Orchestra and their associated artists. “We are happy to present this festival and offer a little peace and happiness during this difficult time.” - Alain Bédard, Founder, Artistic Director, Jazz en Rafale – LIVE CAM Festival and Effendi Records.     

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