New Novel Depicts the Life of a Modern-Day Everyman as He Navigates Anxiety, Disenchantment and Loss

Author Antony L. Saragas’ latest book, ‘Once Upon a Rhyme,’ showcases the power of maintaining hope through life’s most challenging moments

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

SAVANNAH, Ga., March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to the New York Times, along with the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine came mental health struggles that have stemmed from many factors including loneliness. Author Antony L. Saragas recently published his inspirational novel, “Once Upon a Rhyme: One Week --- Three Lives --- Three Deaths --- a Lifetime in Limericks,” to remind readers that they are not alone. It depicts a week in the life of Oskie, a modern-day Everyman, enduring the natural ups and downs of life through the anxiety, disenchantment and loss of life’s purpose that are so common today. Saragas developed this character after lifelong observations from working with people from a vast range of socioeconomic backgrounds, educational levels, ages and experiences.

Touching on familiar subjects such as family, friendship, community, and the loss and renewal of faith, Saragas creates a fun, conversational plot that is played out in ordinary daily activities along with thoughtful limericks to reinforce the theme or thought of each chapter. These limericks were left behind by Oskie’s father, Hollis, and they help further the narrative and provide insight into the human experience.

By sharing Oskie’s story, Saragas hopes readers find solace, optimism and hope while dealing with depression, anxiety, the loss of loved ones and other tribulations. Saragas developed “Once Upon a Rhyme” to encourage readers to renew their resolve, confirm their beliefs and be confident that life will continue to get better.

“I consider myself the average man in most respects and, after years of experience as a lawyer and coach, I am uniquely situated to empathize with the common hardships faced by all of us. All of the rules and philosophies of life I have soaked up from courtrooms and locker rooms are weaved into ‘Once Upon a Rhyme’,” said Saragas. “It is both a blueprint for everyone to maintain optimism and hope as well as proof of life’s value compiled over years of effort and learning.”

“Once Upon a Rhyme” reminds readers that humans are connected through our common experiences. With the current political and social climate, this book helps address the collective anxiety and depression in the world and encourages everyone to rise up together.

Once Upon A Rhyme is an absolute gem of profoundly insightful and emotionally astute writing. Highly recommended”, said Rose Auburn in a review.


“Once Upon a Rhyme: One Week --- Three Lives --- Three Deaths --- a Lifetime in Limericks”
By: Antony L. Saragas
ISBN: 978-1-4808-9419-8 (softcover); 978-1-4808-9420-4 (hardcover); 978-1-4808-9418-1 (e-book)

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About the author 

Antony L. Saragas is an expert lawyer and coach. Before starting his careers in law and coaching, he worked for five years as a radio announcer and newspaper columnist. He founded the Harlan County Boys & Girls Club in Harlan, Kentucky. Saragas has worked eight years in private practice, eight years as a juvenile court prosecutor and ten years in federal government (six as an attorney and four as a judge). He has also been a football, basketball and baseball coach for 20 years for high school and middle school students. Saragas is the host of a new podcast: The Average Man’s Adventures. He is the author of “Tales of a Small-Town King” and “Once Upon a Rhyme: One Week --- Three Lives --- Three Deaths --- a Lifetime in Limericks.” Currently, he resides in Savannah, Georgia. To learn more about Saragas and his book, please visit his Facebook page:

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“Once Upon a Rhyme: One Week --- Three Lives --- Three Deaths --- a Lifetime in Limericks” by Antony L. Saragas