Handsome Brook Farms Announces Certified B Corp™ Status, Sustainability Goals

The milestone comes as Handsome Brook Farms formally launches its multi-layer sustainability strategy, redefining “Handsome” as acts of generosity that pave the way for a brighter future

New York, NY, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Handsome Brook Farms, the country’s largest producer of organic pasture raised eggs, achieved Certified B Corp™ status– joining the ranks of vetted, socially-conscious brands that contribute to a brighter tomorrow. Certified B Corps™ balance purpose and profit, weighing the impact of their business decisions on the well-being of their workforce, supply chain, consumers, and the environment at large. 

“Since our founding in 2007, we have been dedicated to bringing the most sustainable and ethical eggs to a market near you,” says Jordan Czeizler, CEO of Handsome Brook Farms. “Our dedication to our hens, farmers, customers, and the planet has become stronger with each passing year. For us, B Corp™ certification is a great recognition of our core mission and a jumpstart to additional accountability within the industry and of course, to  our customers.” 

While the B Corp™ status is a significant milestone for the 14-year-old company, Handsome Brook Farms’ goal is to ensure that this certification serves as a crucial stepping stone — rather than a stopping point — in its evolving series of sustainability initiatives. To that end, on the heels of Handsome Brook Farms’ B Corp™status, comes their formal announcement of new and rigorous outcome-based sustainability commitments that focus on three core business areas: Regenerative Farms, Responsible Operations, and Thriving Communities. The following commitments are set to be realized through internal and external accountability processes by 2027:

  • Goal 1: Regenerative Farms
    • Advance regenerative agriculture practices across 100% of the farmers in their network 
    • Supporting tactics include: erosion management, hen manure management, optimized gutter systems, on-farm workshops, implementation of renewable energy sources 
  • Goal 2: Responsible Operations
    • 100% sustainable packaging 
    • Supporting tactics include: increase the PCR (post-consumer recycled) content in hybrid cartons, change the jumbo egg cartons from plastic to pulp, partner with How2Recycle for carton labels, minimal and thoughtful sourcing of virgin fiber (preserving high conservation value forests)
  • Goal 3: Thriving Communities 
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 10% across the supply chain 
    • Supporting tactics include: partner with high potential, 3rd party reduction strategy advisors, define Handsome’s carbon accounting methodology, roll out proven reduction strategies across Handsome farms, refine strategies and measure against baseline year

Unlike the majority of agribusinesses, Handsome Brook Farms will take its commitment to regenerative practices one step further through its newly launched Pasture Improvement Cost Share Program – created to incentivize their many small, family-owned, and operated partner farms to implement sustainable systems that work for their specific needs. This allows for support to be customized based on each farm’s unique geography and the subsequent challenges they may face while executing regenerative farming practices. Designed to ensure each farm is able to flourish independently for generations to come,  the program includes but is not limited to financial assistance for technical support, infrastructure upgrades, and planting materials. 

Handsome Brook Farms’ B Corp™ certification reinforces the company’s social and environmental practices to date. Handsome Brook has already made on-farm investments in infrastructure and enabled regenerative farming using a multi-tier approach to develop farm-specific conservation practices, many of which are already evident at their partner farms. Further, Handsome Brook works with and contributes to organizations through in-kind egg donations to 501(c)3 nonprofits like City Harvest; corporate cash donations to mission-aligned NGOs like Soul Fire Farm, Black Soil, and Main Street Project (all working to advance the wellbeing of marginalized groups through regenerative farming and responsible operations); and an employee match program for eligible 501(c)3 organizations whose purpose and philosophy is consistent with the company’s animal welfare and sustainability objectives. 

About Handsome Brook Farms

Handsome Brook Farms is a pioneer in pasture raised organic egg production, the most ethical and sustainable way to produce eggs. Founded in upstate New York with five hens, Handsome Brook has grown into the largest producer of organic pasture raised eggs in the country, with partner farms in 10 states. Handsome Brook Farms is dedicated to acting Handsomely in all that they do – from treating farmers, animals, and land with the utmost respect, to helping consumers access a clean, responsibly-raised source of protein that they know they can trust – from coop to carton.


Handsome Brook Farms, the country’s largest producer of organic pasture raised eggs, earns B Corp™ Certification. A Handsome Brook Farms organic, pasture raised dozen