The Best People Finder Websites and Search Engines to Find Information on Strangers

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Anyone looking to uncover more information about acquaintances, relatives, or associates, can quickly find answers using a people finder website.

This article aims to review the best people search websites on the market, covering everything from pricing, features, and more. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the best people finder websites and search engines.

The Best People Search Websites: At a Glance

  1. Truthfinder - Best Overall People Search Website
  2. Intelius - Best People Search Website for Connecting with Lost Relatives
  3. Instant Checkmate - Best People Search Website for Targeted Searches

How The Best People Search Website Were Evaluated

Ease-of-use: A website's design and layout are especially important as it ensures the information clear and, of course, guarantees the site as a whole is easy to navigate. As such, people search websites with an aesthetically pleasing user interface, straightforward layout, and mobile-friendly design scored higher on this list.

Features: Companies that provided a range of helpful features and online tools as well as delivering on their promises scored higher on this list.

Pricing: Another essential aspect of any service is the price. Regardless of features, quality, and usefulness, if the price point is well beyond anyone's budget, customers will be disappointed. As such, value for money was taken into consideration and affected the ranking awarded to each search engine.

Database: A feature specific to people search websites, online background checking services, and other search engines offering to reveal "hidden" information is the size of their online database. The bigger the database, the more information can be uncovered.

Accuracy: Building on the previous point, accuracy is non-negotiable. The amount of data discovered will be irrelevant if the information is incorrect or out of date. As such, accuracy was taken into consideration when ranking the following top picks.

Customer Satisfaction: Finally, this article looks at genuine customer feedback and takes on board their concerns and experiences with each company.

The Top 3 People Search Sites

1. Truthfinder - Best Overall People Search Website

Truthfinder is a good option when individuals want to make sure the information they find is up to date and without gaps.

  • Starting price: $26/month
  • Free plan: No
  • Global people search: Works in the United States and Australia
  • Downloadable reports: Available for an extra charge
  • Mobile app: Yes

What is Truthfinder?

Truthfinder is an excellent people search finding service that will make tracking down lost friends, relatives, and associates hassle-free. Users can even use this site to perform a thorough background check that puts together a detailed and up-to-date report.

The report includes information regarding the individual's family, friends, roommates, social media accounts, educational background, life history, property ownership, and contact information.

Truthfinder Pricing

To use this service, you will need to pay a monthly fee. One month costs around $30, while a three-month subscription costs $26. For customers looking to perform at least one search per day, a single report would cost less than $1.00.

What Do Reviews Say?

Truthfinder has some of the best customer reviews regarding the site's reliability and the accuracy of its database. Many consumers appreciate how intuitive the search engine is to work with and how detailed and up-to-date the reports are.

There are a few negative comments from users. However, issues raised rarely refer to how up-to-date and accurate the reports are. The biggest drawback for most users is the number of promotion emails this company sends out.

Reasons To Use Truthfinder:

Truthfinder is a fantastic search engine, allowing you to connect with people you used to know and find out what information about yourself is public. The site can even be used to find relatives you may have lost contact with over the years.

Other Things to Know

Below are a few factors you should know if you decide to use Truthfinder:

  • Provides a free mobile app
  • Data is up-to-date
  • Unlimited searches with a monthly subscription
  • Reports are detailed and sometimes containing information from up to 15 years ago
  • No trial period available
  • Monthly subscription only
  • A single report cannot be purchased separately

2. Intelius - Best People Search Website for Connecting with Lost Relatives

Intelius is a background check company that also offers a people search engine to help users find a person's contact information, social media accounts, address history, and even some of their interests.

  • Starting price: $19.95/month
  • Free plan: Intelius offers a basic people search for free
  • Global people search: Most searches only in the US
  • Download the reports: Yes
  • Mobile app: Yes

What is Intelius?

Intelius is a great people searching tool to work with, boasting a layout that is pleasant and straightforward to use. The site offers a simple service that will provide users with the background data that they need. The database contains more than 20 billion records, ensuring there is information to be found on anyone you're looking for.

Intelius Pricing

There are a few pricing points that come with this service. There is a Premier plan costing $19.95/month, and a Premium Plus plan costing $29.95/month. Users can also benefit from individual searches such as a reverse address lookup and people search, costing only $0.95. A single background check costs $39.95.

People interested in more detailed reports can also perform a criminal record check costing $14.95 for statewide searches and $29.95 for nationwide searches.

What Do Reviews Say?

Intelius does have a few negative reviews regarding misleading advertising and hidden costs. Though, this seems to be an issue that all people search websites struggle with, including popular options as well.

Reviews seem to be mixed with some people complaining that the pricing and trial options are confusing while others praise the platform and customer support.

Moreover, there are plenty of positive reviews mentioning how successful Intelius was at connecting users with old friends where other people search sites had failed.

Reasons To Use Intelius:

Intelius is a good option for anyone trying to reconnect with family and friends from their past, including people who want to discover more about their new neighbors or friends they’ve met on social media. Click here to read the full Intelius Review.

Other Things to Know

Below are a few factors you should know if you decide to use Intelius:

  • Provides PDF reports
  • Reports accessible for 45 days
  • Easy to use with a clear interface that makes finding information stress-free
  • Interesting facts uncovered
  • Address data available
  • Mobile app compatible with Android and iOS offers unlimited access to billions of public records
  • Misleading pricing practices for “one-time report option”

3. Instant Checkmate - Best People Search Website for Targeted Searches

The third option on our list is Instant Checkmate. Compared to the options above, Instant Checkmate provides extensive public information in a single search.

Starting price: $34.78/month
Free plan: 5-Day $1.00 trial available
Mobile app: Yes
Downloadable report: Yes

What is Instant Checkmate?

Instant Checkmate is a background check service that searches a person’s available public record information—phone numbers, social media profiles, email addresses, mailing addresses, and more. In some cases, Instant Checkmate can be used to find records related to death, assets, and a person's criminal history.

This people search site offers a range of tools, from helping users connect with people they've met online to compiling a report on potential sex offenders in their area. Instant Checkmate also organizes the data and formats the report to ensure the information is easy to research and look through.

The Pricing

A monthly subscription costs $34.78/month while a three-month subscription averages around $27.82/month. For anyone uncertain about whether this is the right choice for them, Instant Checkmate also offers a shorter five-day trial that costs $1.00.

What Do Reviews Say?

Several review platforms show that this people search website has a good reputation. Instant Checkmate is also ranked as A+ by the BBB. The biggest complaint seems to be about the lack of clarity regarding membership prices and renewal costs.

Reasons To Use Instant Checkmate:

Instant Checkmate is one of the best background check companies out there and especially useful if you want to verify someone’s identity before meeting them or doing business with them. They also offer a broad range of search filters, including a deep web scan. Click here to read the full Instant Checkmate Review.

Other Things To Know

Below are a few factors you should know if you decide to use Instant Checkmate:

  • Lots of search options available that other sites don't provide
  • A 5-day trial costing only $2.00, no 100% free background check
  • Provides users with a deep web scan
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • Reverse phone lookup available
  • Users can remove their own report from the database
  • Bonus features cost extra

The Final Verdict

People search sites can help individuals connect with old friends, work colleagues, college buddies, and more. These intuitive search engines can even uncover information regarding a person's address history, contact details, social media accounts, educational background, and more.

If you're looking to connect with someone you used to know or if you'd like to find out more about a new partner, the top picks on this list are a great place to start.

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