Clean Fuel Washington Celebrates Legislature’s Final Passage of HB 1091, A Clean Fuel Standard

No longer the missing link, Washington state completes the “Clean Fuel Coast” with low carbon fuel standards from Mexico though British Columbia

OLYMPIA, Wash., April 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clean Fuel Washington, an organization fighting to reduce pollution, address climate change and help grow our state’s economy celebrated the historic legislative victory to fight climate change with the passage today of HB 1091. The Clean Fuel Standard now goes to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk for signature.

“Today Washington state choose to become a global climate leader by reducing fossil transportation fuels, which are the number one cause of climate pollution in our state,” said Tim Zenk, organizer of Clean Fuel Washington. “The citizens of Washington, its legislature and Governor today courageously fought the forces of Big Oil and made history by passing a Clean Fuel Standard that will reduce emissions that are causing climate change.”

The Clean Fuel Standard is the most important regulation to reduce climate pollution the state of Washington has ever implemented. Doing so will create demand for clean fuels that will benefit consumers and drive technological innovation in Washington. When implemented in Washington, clean fuel standards will be in place from Mexico through British Columbia, creating the “Clean Fuel Coast”.

“Our future turned bright and clear today in Washington, we are the tipping point for the change that is coming to this nation and world to make fossil fuels extinct and save our planet,” continued Zenk. “But our work is not over. We can celebrate tonight; but let’s get right back to work on Monday working to implement the Clean Fuels standard, creating jobs and building clean energy production with renewable fuel refineries across the state.”

Clean Fuel Washington and its supporters applaud Governor Inslee and the Senate and the House leaders who listened to voters across the state and voted to require oil companies to reduce the emissions from their products that harm human health and contribute to climate change.

These include: Representative Joe Fitzgibbon (D-34) and Senator Reuven Carlyle, for their tireless efforts to nourish a “climate action coalition” among legislators to build a diverse coalition for clean fuels and cap and trade that resulted in today’s historic climate action. This is generational policy leadership at a time when it matters most. Other Senate leaders include: Senator Rebecca Saldaña (D-37), Senator Liz Lovelett (D-40), and Senator Derek Stanford (D-1). From the House of Representatives: Speaker Laurie Jinkins (D-27), Representative Pat Sullivan (D-47), Representative Valdana Slatter (D-48), Representative Davina Duerr (D-1), and Representative Amy Walen (D-48).

The organization believes these legislators deserve admiration for their perseverance and dedication to addressing the serious impacts of fossil fuels on our climate. Making the change to cleaner fuels has been a long and tough battle against the most powerful connected industry in the world, Big Oil.

“We now look forward to Governor Inslee signing this important bill into law and continuing to lead a clean energy future for Washington. We will work with lawmakers, policymakers, advocates, and fuel makers to ensure a Clean Fuel Standard is implemented equitably and efficiently.”