UPDATED: Kiio Expands Its Digital MSK Solution to Become a Full-Body Solution

Members can now use Kiio’s on-demand, virtual musculoskeletal care to take charge and find relief from back, neck, knee and hip pain.

Madison, WI, May 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kiio has expanded its proven low back pain management and prevention program to include programs for knee, neck, and hip pain. Multiple claims-based studies have proven Kiio’s ability to reduce the physical and financial costs of low back pain. Kiio’s new programs for knee, neck and hip use this same evidence-based approach to deliver simple, easy and effective MSK therapy directly to a member’s smartphone or tablet. Members can conveniently use Kiio whenever and wherever it’s best for them. Kiio’s quick-start solution doesn’t require waiting for equipment, scheduling a clinical consult, or learning how to use sensors or motion tracking.

Like its innovative low back pain management program, Kiio’s new digital programs for knee, neck and hip integrate advanced software and clinical practice guidelines to evaluate member fit. Kiio’s Care Path OptimizationSM screens over 80% of members into Kiio, placing them into the therapeutic track best suited to their specific joint pain and symptoms. For those that don’t screen into a Kiio program, Kiio works with its clients to link members to the most appropriate in-network external care.

Kiio uses technology to deliver on-demand, personalized exercise therapy and interactive virtual coaching. Kiio’s AI dynamically adapts the program to member feedback – personalizes secure messages, proactively coaches with in-app alerts, monitors progress and advances members as they feel better. Members always have the option to access live 1:1 Care Team support if or when they want it.

Another unique component of Kiio’s digital MSK care is the use of its proprietary algorithms to deliver the right education at the right time. Kiio collaborated with renowned pain specialist Dr. Adriaan Louw, Director of the Therapeutic Neuroscience Research Group and author/co-author on over 50 peer-reviewed articles on spine and joint disorders and pain science, to develop custom education for members on easing pain, managing flare-ups and modifying behavior for sustained improvement.

Alex Kramer, Vice President of Product, led the strategy and development of these new programs to combat pain across the body. “We’ve created a seamless member experience integrating multiple joints that gets members moving and achieving their pain management goals – from prevention, to managing acute issues, to improving chronic conditions,” states Kramer. “Over the rest of the year, we’ll be launching additional joints to further increase Kiio’s ability to serve the broadest population possible with convenient, individualized and effective digital MSK care that provides members relief without meds, invasive diagnostics or surgery.”

Kiio has a proven track record of delivering value – both short- and long-term – to its members and its health plan and employer clients. More than 60% of members have less pain within 1 week of using Kiio, and 92% say they would recommend Kiio to a friend. Kiio has completed four longitudinal claims-data studies with clients, which demonstrated between 42% and 72% lower medical spend and up to 87% lower opioid use for those who used Kiio.

While Kiio CEO Lydia Zeller is proud of Kiio’s proven ability to reduce pain, improve function, and increase productivity and ROI, she likes to highlight Kiio’s immediate availability. “With Kiio a person in pain can answer screening questions at 9:00 PM on a Friday, download Kiio, do their first personalized exercise therapy routine in 7 minutes, repeat the next 2 days, and be on their way to feeling better by the end of their weekend. That’s impactful.”

Zeller shares Kramer’s enthusiasm for Kiio’s product expansion, “We’ve had such great results with Kiio. Rolling out Kiio programs for neck, knee and hip pain fits perfectly with our mission to bring innovative approaches to increase access to MSK care that’s proven to work quickly and get people back to doing the things they love.”

About Kiio

Kiio is changing the way employers, health plans and members manage musculoskeletal (MSK) pain. With Kiio members can immediately take control of their pain and improve function of their back, knees, neck, and hips. No waiting on shipped sensors or scheduling triage calls. Everything that members need is available 24/7 via mobile app. Members receive personalized, progressive exercise therapy, education and digital support with access to 1:1 coaching. Convenient, easy-to-use, inclusive and scalable, Kiio’s evidence-based solution is proven to drive better outcomes at lower costs. Claims-based studies show Kiio significantly reduces pain, opioid use and medical spend while improving function, productivity, and quality of life. Learn more at Kiio.com.





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Kiio's simple, easy and effective MSK therapy uses AI to create an individualized program tailored to each member's type of pain and location, sets goals, monitors progress and advances members as they feel better. Kiio integrates advanced software and clinical practice guidelines to deliver on-demand, personalized exercise therapy and interactive coaching, including sending in-app alerts, 1:1 secure messages, and giving members access live Care Team support if or when they want it.