DunAn Microstaq offers an electronic expansion valve with autonomous superheat control as a retrofit kit for residential and commercial HVAC markets

AUSTIN, Texas, May 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DunAn Microstaq, Inc. (DMQ), a MEMS technology company that innovates flow control solutions primarily for the HVAC, refrigeration and automotive industries, offers electronic expansion valve and superheat controller retrofit kits to support all residential and commercial HVAC systems with cooling capacities that can range from 1 ton to 300 tons.

The retrofit kit consists of the fastest responding electronic expansion valve in the industry, an autonomous superheat controller, a simple wiring harness and a 24VDC power supply. The retrofit kit for 1 – 8 tons (MSEV USHX kit) was the Gold award winner in the Refrigeration & Ice Machines category at 2015 Dealer Design Awards. The 10 – 25 tons retrofit kit (HC-MSEV USHX kit) was the Gold award winner in the HVAC Light Commercial Equipment category at 2018 Dealer Design Awards. DMQ now offers 26 – 50 tons retrofit kit (VHC-MSEV USHX kit) to support large commercial HVAC systems.

With low installation costs, low operational and maintenance costs, high energy savings and quick return on investment (ROI), the retrofit kit is very attractive for Energy Services Companies (ESCO) looking to augment their product offerings in the HVAC tune-up business. Existing commercial HVAC systems (7-10 years age) can benefit by converting mechanical expansion valves to DMQ’s EEV with autonomous valve control retrofit kit.      

The retrofit kit can be integrated with the DMQ’s intelligent HVAC-R cloud solution. The cloud solution that tracks the performance of the HVAC-R system in the field and can be easily monitored via mobile platform. System alarms and notifications when abnormal performance or trends are observed can be utilized for targeted preventive maintenance that can lead to better overall system performance.

About DunAn Microstaq

DunAn Microstaq, Inc. (DMQ) is a MEMS technology company dedicated to advancing flow control solutions primarily for the HVAC, refrigeration and automotive industries. Their pioneering work in microelectromechanical systems technology, understanding of customers’ needs and experiences translate into benefits that go far beyond flow control. DMQ solutions accelerate product development cycles, cut across design challenges, create warehousing efficiencies and reduce deployment time. With a core technology so versatile, DMQ can package its devices along with the sensing and controls software for custom applications to fit a multitude of markets. For more information about DMQ products, email info@dmq-us.com or visit www.dmq-us.com

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Dhaman Besarla
Systems & Applications Engineering Manager

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