Green Builder Media Delivers Robust, Actionable Information to Millennials About Buying and Owning Sustainable Homes

The 2021 Home Buyer’s Guide is packed with ideas, inspiration, and how-to information for individuals who are looking to purchase an energy efficient, healthy, intelligent home.

Lake City, Colo., May 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Builder Media offers meaningful information about homeownership to millennial and first-time home buyers through its newly launched Today’s Homebuyer website.  

The site will offer a wide range of resources, including the 2021 Home Buyer’s Guide. Loaded with real-world tips, hacks, and encouragement for first-time home buyers, this unique (and free!) guide offers no-nonsense insights on how to thrive sustainably and comfortably.

The site will also include creative engagement opportunities, starting with a giveaway of a KitchenAid Cold-Brew Coffee Maker—after all, what’s better than a good read and a cold brew? Enter for a chance to win one of six Cold-Brew Coffee Makers and automatically get the 2021 Home Buyer’s Guide delivered to your inbox! 

Green Builder Media is also mobilizing a Next Generation Influencer Group, a unique gathering of millennial influencers inside and outside the home building industry. These rising star sustainability professionals and homeowners are putting their collective energy into finding solutions that can make a positive impact on the planet. (Read the riveting profile of a millennial powerhouse who has made sustainable cities a passion project, and in the process, is helping transform Orlando into a carbon smart municipality.)

“Millennials are feeling bullish about buying homes, identifying homeownership with economic security and a desirable lifestyle,” says Green Builder Media CEO. “Spurred by a growing desire for financial independence, this audience segment recognizes the value of investing in an appreciable asset that can create long-term financial wealth and stability.”

In fact, millennials have seized the top influencer position in the housing sector, spending more money on buying and remodeling homes than any other audience segment.  

“The most motivated homebuyers in this segment are individuals who have been renting and now want to take advantage of low interest rates and the surge in remote working to purchase their own home,” Gutterman adds. “Green Builder Media is building an important bridge between these future buyers and the building industry.” 

In addition to offering advice to millennials, Green Builder Media shares important demographic segment information with companies who serve millennials needs. Access data, case studies, and profiles here

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Launched this year, Today's Home Buyer website helps guide new buyers in their search for a sustainable home.