Dresner Advisory Services Publishes 2021 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study

Nashua, New Hampshire, UNITED STATES

NASHUA, N.H., June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dresner Advisory Services today published the 2021 Flagship Business Intelligence Market Study, part of its Wisdom of Crowds series of research. The 12th edition Flagship Business Intelligence Market Study is the company’s broad assessment of the business intelligence (BI) market, providing a comprehensive look at key user trends, attitudes, and intentions.

The Dresner Advisory research global community of users contributed their opinions on a variety of topics related to current and planned usage. The report provides a well rounded, representative, and real world perspective on the market, including analyses of adoption and deployment, staffing, budgets, leadership, technology, success with BI, plus a robust industry section.

According to the study, the Operations, Executive Management, and Finance functions most often drive business intelligence direction within organizations. Executives, followed by managers and individual contributors, are the most targeted roles for BI. In 2021, users report higher levels of success with BI, as measured via user feedback. Contributing factors to success include executive support, communication, and collaboration.

“In 2021, as seen throughout the 12-year history of our study, the general goal of ‘better decision making’ remains the top objective for business intelligence,” said Jim Ericson, research director at Dresner Advisory Services. “We associate this goal with organizations seeing general improvements wherever they may be found. Second tier objects include ‘improved operational efficiency/cost savings’ and ‘growth in revenues,’ both of which are more quantifiable.”

According to the 2021 report, familiar technologies including reporting, dashboards, and data integration top the list of technologies and initiatives strategic to business intelligence. Enterprise planning, governance, and data operations show rising importance. More than half the organizations across all geographies report high levels of trust in their data and governance.

“We see more organizations reliably and consistently creating relevant insights across the enterprise, setting the stage for closed loop processes that ensure timely, concerted action,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services.

Wisdom of Crowds® research is based on data collected on usage and deployment trends, products, and vendors. Users in all roles and throughout all industries contributed to provide a complete view of realities, plans, and perceptions of the market. For more information visit www.dresneradvisory.com.

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