WPS and Kiio Team Up to Tackle Pain

WPS Health Insurance offers Kiio’s digital musculoskeletal (MSK) care to employees and employer groups to reduce pain and its associated costs.

Madison, WI, June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WPS Health Insurance, one of the largest benefits providers in Wisconsin, has partnered with Kiio to offer digital musculoskeletal (MSK) care to its employees and self-insured employer groups. As COVID has accelerated the demand for virtual healthcare and digital solutions, WPS sees Kiio as a key part of its strategy to innovate with technology-based solutions that keep its members as healthy as possible. WPS chose Kiio for its member-focused approach, proven clinical and financial outcomes, and depth of experience working with health plans.

“WPS is committed to providing solutions to our members that both increase the quality of their lives and tackle the rising cost of healthcare,” says Dr. Jonah Fox, WPS Medical Director. “Kiio allows WPS to offer members a simple, effective, evidence-based solution to prevent and manage musculoskeletal pain while also providing them with greater flexibility in how and where they receive care.”

Kiio members can immediately access pain relief without appointments, medications, or invasive diagnostics and procedures. Kiio combines clinical protocols and technology to deliver on-demand, personalized therapeutic exercise, education, and interactive virtual coaching. Kiio’s AI dynamically adapts the program to member feedback—personalizes secure messages, proactively coaches with in-app alerts, monitors progress, and advances members as they feel better. Available 24/7 with just a smart device, Kiio enables members to choose when and where their MSK program works best for them, including choosing live 1:1 Care Team support if or when members want it.

“Kiio’s member-centric approach matches how WPS builds care around our members’ needs,” mentions Jim Baird, Executive Vice President of WPS Health Insurance. “During COVID, we’ve seen members who have needed to put off appointments, including orthopedics and physical therapy. Offering Kiio enables WPS to get proactive in getting members moving and in controlling MSK spend, a significant cost driver for our employer groups and for plans and employers across the nation.”

Kiio has a proven track record of delivering value—both short- and long-term—to its members and its health plan and employer clients. More than 60% of members have less pain within one week of using Kiio, and 92% say they would recommend Kiio to a friend. Kiio has completed four longitudinal claims data studies with clients, which demonstrated between 42% and 72% lower medical spend within a year and up to 87% lower opioid use for those who used Kiio.

Kiio CEO Lydia Zeller is enthusiastic about the outcomes WPS and Kiio will achieve in their collaboration. “Kiio values WPS’s dedication to its members’ care and its innovative approach to population health,” said Zeller. “We look forward to the impact WPS and Kiio can have in reducing pain, improving productivity, and curbing MSK costs in serving WPS’s employees and as a WPS benefit offered to self-funded employer groups.”

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About Kiio

Kiio is changing the way employers, health plans, and members manage musculoskeletal (MSK) pain. With Kiio, members can immediately take control of their pain and improve the function of their back, knees, neck, and hips. No waiting on shipped sensors or scheduling triage calls. Everything that members need is available 24/7 via mobile app. Members receive personalized, progressive exercise therapy, education, and digital support with access to 1:1 coaching. Convenient, easy-to-use, inclusive, and scalable, Kiio’s evidence-based solution is proven to drive better outcomes at lower costs. Claims-based studies show Kiio significantly reduces pain, opioid use, and medical spend while improving function, productivity, and quality of life. Learn more at Kiio.com.