KAI Cannabis Co. Launches Flagship Med/Rec Provisioning Center in their Hometown to become 1st Vertically Integrated Cannabis Company in Adrian, Michigan


ADRIAN, Mich., June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KAI Cannabis Co. recently opened a flagship retail store located at 1579 W. Maumee St. in their hometown where they also operate a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility; becoming the first vertically integrated cannabis company located in Adrian, Michigan.

"We are so excited to be open for business each and every day from 9am - 9pm and we're currently working with our friends at the Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce on a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony that will occur very soon," announced Patrick Jensen, Director of Retail Development, while also commenting, "I am eager for our KAI team to get to know and truly understand each of our customers and provide an experience and product that coincides with their individual needs. We look at cannabis as a small piece of what makes for a healthy, fulfilling life. Investing in our staff – with knowledge, ongoing training, support, and a genuine regard for other’s happiness - is our culture.  Imprinting positivity that carries into your everyday life is our goal."

KAI Cannabis Co. was one of the first companies in the industry to establish themselves in Adrian, recalls Chief Administrative Officer Steph Kneisley, adding, "The acceptance the City of Adrian has shown to the cannabis industry over the last four years has been a remarkable experience for us.  KAI Cannabis Co. has great reverence and appreciation for the City of Adrian’s Administrative Staff who has worked tirelessly to develop new ordinances, proper zoning, permit applications, and endless City Commission meetings in order to welcome the marijuana industry to the City of Adrian.  We are very grateful for the opportunity to join hands with The City of Adrian Administration and neighboring cannabis businesses to create opportunities for growth and provide a lasting impact to this industrious community."

The company plans to continue expanding their retail operations according to Chief Operating Officer Mark Guzniczak, remarking, "Adrian is a great first step in developing our retail footprint because it's where we are from.  We plan to open our second Rec/Med provisioning center in Muskegon this Fall and will continue researching retail location opportunities throughout the State of Michigan."  

Owner and Chief Executive Officer Brad Jensen commented on the opening, "KAI Cannabis Co. is very proud to reside in our hometown of Adrian, MI and we are excited to welcome our residents and those from surrounding communities to experience our innovative KAI culture and deliver mindful, consistent experiences and products made with love."


KAI Cannabis Co. believes in taking small steps to improve a habit, process, service or product – shifting moments to spark innovation.  Whether conquering fears, pushing boundaries or settling into surroundings, we seek to inspire others to craft custom experiences - one step at a time. 

Our mission is to design and cultivate mindfully made cannabis products with maximum benefits. 

Our vision is to nurture the relationship between the human experience and the dimensional power of cannabis.

For more information, visit KAICannabisCo.com or contact:

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The Ad Farm
4041 W. Central Ave.
Toledo, OH 43606
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