Automate Sales Orders to Deliver Better Customer Experiences With IntelliChief

Join us on June 23 for a webinar exploring strategies to help businesses prevent order information errors and reduce DSO in Oracle EBS.

Tampa, Florida, UNITED STATES

Tampa, FL, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There is a good chance that your company, like most, has already started reviewing its operating procedures to see how they can be improved to prevent disruption. You are not only looking to save money but also provide the best customer experience possible.

Manually entering customer Purchase Orders causes an increase in error rates and delayed shipments, which detracts from your ability to serve customers efficiently. If left unaddressed, these factors can result in a sharp increase in your internal cost per order.

Prevent order information errors and expedite 100% accurate orders through Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) with IntelliChief.


In our webinar, Expedite Sales Orders With Automation for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), you will get an in-depth look at how IntelliChief creates outstanding customer experiences, streamlines operations, solves complex business challenges, and more. During this session, EBS shops will learn about our proven, multi-faceted approach to Sales Order Automation, including:

  • Convert customer purchase orders into sales orders without keying
  • Reduce manual data entry by as much as 70 percent (in some cases as high as 90 percent)
  • Give users access to all documents related to a customer’s order right in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)
  • Reduce DSO and increase fulfillment speed
  • Gain 100% visibility into the Sales Order process
  • Capture and save new documents (packing slips, delivery notices, and customer invoices) as they are created
  • Address customer inquiries within your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) system
  • Use workflow to automate steps even in complex make to order processes

Now is the time to work smarter. Let IntelliChief help you spend less time on manual processes and more time focused on improving your core business. We look forward to connecting on June 23 @ 2 P.M (EST) for Expedite Sales Orders With Automation for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).



About IntelliChief

IntelliChief is the emerging leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Accounts Payable Automation, and Sales Order Automation. Leveraging advanced OCR, powerful workflows, document management, and analytics, IntelliChief eliminates manual processes and automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks to help businesses secure a decisive competitive advantage.

As a trusted Oracle Gold Partner, IntelliChief is recognized for its robust, configurable solutions and secure integrations with ERP systems and applications. Hundreds of customers in every industry depend on IntelliChief as a strategic partner to help them digitize documents, standardize business processes, and automate Accounts Payable, Sales Orders, Human Resources, and more.

The IntelliChief team is committed to serving our customers, community, and country by guiding them through Digital Transformation and exemplifying what is possible with an ardent dedication to innovation and progress.


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