New Rehabilitation Center in North Charleston Aims to Help Recovery From Drug and Alcohol Addiction

‘Transcendence Treatment Center’ Opens with a Dedication to Your Recovery Journey

North Charleston, South Carolina, UNITED STATES

North Charleston, SC, June 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Transcendence Treatment Center is a new outpatient rehabilitation center that opened in May off of Leeds Avenue in North Charleston. With love for the local community and the desire to help individuals suffering addiction, Transcendence Treatment Center uses a holistic approach to healing. Understanding that addiction affects individuals for various underlying reasons is at the core of how Transcendence Treatment Center helps individuals using a multifaceted approach, and they are dedicated to doing so upon their opening. 

“We understand that more often than not addiction stems from unresolved issues within one’s life, which is why we are devoted to helping people within our community,” said CEO Mansoor Sandhu. “We are committed to supporting individuals in our treatment center throughout every step of the way in a unique approach that fits with one’s schedule and goals.” 

Each individual is of top priority when they are at Transcendence Treatment Center. Different from other rehabs, Transcendence uses an individualized, trauma-informed approach to treatment, focusing on recovering from addiction and achieving long-term goals. With personalized programs, clients can also incorporate other responsibilities as well as their families throughout their journey to recovery. 

With different levels of needs, there are different levels of care available. Transcendence works on person-centered programs, holistic therapies, and flexible and effective levels of care for each person. Being located in the South, they largely value hospitality as a lifestyle and wish to see the community thrive together. 

If you or anyone you know is suffering with addiction and could likely benefit from the services that Transcendence Treatment Center has to offer, visit their website at or call them at 854-222-3773. 


Established in 2021, Transcendence Treatment Center can help you flourish to your new level of fulfillment and purpose. Transcendence means going beyond the perceived limits of something and that is exactly what Transcendence Treatment Center does with their individualized approaches to recovery. To learn more about Transcendence Treatment Center, visit their website at or call them at 854-222-3773.


Transcendence Treatment Center opens its doors with the hopes to make a positive impact on those addicted to drugs and alcohol.