My Perfect Supercar gets Small World International Deal

The world’s most exclusive autos—including Bugattis, Koenigseggs and Lamborghinis—and the billionaire owners in the secretive Supercar Owners Circle, are the subject of the unscripted TV series developed by Mediafisch and Elysian Fields

Zurich, Switzerland, June 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mediafisch CEO Björn Hering announced the company, together with Elysian Fields, signed a deal with Small World International, a Joe Lewis Company (JLC), to be the worldwide distribution and production partners for the unscripted television series My Perfect Supercar. The series is being produced in association with one of the most exclusive clubs in the world—The Supercar Owners Circle

My Perfect Supercar is a six-part, host-led series that opens the doors for the very first time on Swiss-based Supercar Owners Circle. Unprecedented access has been granted to the cars and the lives of this wealthy publicity-shy elite, some of whom live like real life James Bonds. Their luxury and race car collections—which can exceed $100 million in value—include ultra-rare Paganis, Lamborghinis, Bugattis, Aston Martins, Koenigseggs, and McLarens, some of them incredible one-offs. 

The series is a unique travelogue that will embark on a global journey—ranging across the Alps, India, Dubai, Japan, Mexico, Miami and more—to witness and hear the stories of some legendary cars that have until now been hidden from view. And they will not just be parked looking pretty, they will be driven hard on some of the most iconic roads and racetracks on the planet. Buckle up for the ride of your life to go in search of your perfect supercar.

Small World International, founded by Tim and Colleen Crescenti, are the format veterans who discovered Japan’s Tigers of Money which became the BBC’s Dragons’ Den and ABC’s Shark Tank. The company also turned a hit Korean travel show into Better Late than Never starring Henry Winkler, William Shatner and George Foreman. Small World International was acquired in 2020 by JLC, which has produced numerous tentpole events for the NFL around the Super Bowl, Draft, Kick Off and Pro Bowl, as well as around the Academy Awards, Grammys and other global touchstone events for decades. The two companies’ combined experience with storytelling across cultures and capturing the unpredictable magic of live events makes them the perfect partners to bring My Perfect Supercar’s mix of motorsports and luxury lifestyle to the world.

My Perfect Supercar has beauty, speed, and access to places the public has never been able to see before,” said Joe Lewis of JLC. “It’s everything the show needs to be a global hit, and interest is already surging.” 

Mediafisch’s Björn Hering is responsible for producing a long list of award-winning scripted and non-scripted films and TV programs, and most recently his program Joya Runs, won a prestigious Rose d’Or Award and an International Emmy® nomination. (Joya Runs is also being represented by Small World International). 

“Björn has been developing some of the most exciting programs around,” said Tim Crescenti, Founder of Small World International. “Joe and I are thrilled to help steer the project of My Perfect Supercar to the best broadcast partners in the world.”

Björn HeringHering, CEO of Mediafisch,  said: “I’ve known Tim for many years, and I trust that he and Joe are the best team to take My Perfect Supercar to automotive fans everywhere. We are elated that the project is moving ahead quickly, with such a fantastic reception.”

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About Mediafisch

Mediafisch is a dynamic production company based in Zurich, Switzerland, and founded in 2008 by Bjorn Hering – a Rose d’Or-winning, International Emmy-nominated producer. The company offers the most innovative solutions from concept to financing to the implementation of moving images. Its specialty is format development tailored precisely to customer requirements, sponsor-financed TV programs, TV service production, image and event films and web films in German and English-speaking countries.  Mediafisch works with a large network of top experts. Thanks to this approach, Mediafisch can guarantee to provide the precise and best production team specifically for each order.  The company is also active in the field of social media marketing, offering customers complete support for various platforms.  Mediafisch productions include: From Stars and Streets; Food Venture Japan; Grill the Celebrity -- the BBQ Show; Wine Battle; May I Ask? (Darf ich bitten?); Switzerland’s Dream Lakes; Homerun, The Experiment; & Urban Gardening. More about Mediafisch.

About Elysian Fields

Elysian Fields is a Zurich based strategic investment holding with a strong focus on media and entertainment. Its partners seek opportunities in the changing media landscape and help to enable the creative industry to create great content.  Elysian Fields co-owns the German media house Telepool together with Will Smith’s Westbrook Inc. More about Elysian Fields.

About The Supercar Owners’ Circle

SOC is a global member network of the world’s most discerning luxury car collectors and one of the most exclusive car clubs in the world. SOC curates premium events in select global locations, bringing together the rarest and most uncompromising supercars of past and present. More about SOC.

About Small World International

Small World International – a Joe Lewis Company, was founded in 2005 by Tim and Colleen Crescenti to find the world’s best television formats, and distribute them to the international marketplace. Over the last 15 years, the company has built up a reputation for opening up previously untapped format territories, such as Thailand, Romania, Finland and South Korea. In 2020, the outfit was acquired by Live Television Events and Experiential leader, Joe Lewis Company (JLC). To date, Small World has placed seven formats on the US networks and 65-plus titles in the rest of the world. Recent hits include the Content Innovation Award-nominated Better Late Than Never (Grandpas Over Flowers), which ran for two seasons on NBC has now been sold into more than 18 territories, and Big In Japan (aka I Survived a Japanese Game Show), which has been produced in seven countries. Other successful Small World format finds include Got What It Takes?, which has been on air for five years on CBBC in the UK, Miss Country Girl and Win Your Country! A respected formats veteran, Tim Crescenti has produced more than 190 shows in 75-plus countries over his 30-year career. Prior to setting up Small World, Crescenti worked for Sony Pictures Television International, during which time he launched the mega-format franchise Dragons’ Den (Shark Tank) from Nippon TV.  More info about Small World and the Joe Lewis Company.


My Perfect Supercar will follow the Supercar Collectors Circle and their rare Bugattis, Lambourghinis and McLarens across the globe. The series, in development from Mediafisch and Elysian Fields, has brought on Small World International as distribution and production partner. "The show has beauty, speed, and access to places the public has never been able to see," said Small World owner Joe Lewis. From Gstaad to Mumbai to Miami and more, the series My Perfect Supercar will follow the owners of the rarest, most powerful vehicles. Small World International, the discoverer of Shark Tank and Better Late Than Never, has signed on as distribution and production partner to Mediafisch and Elysian Fields.