Firmspace Launches Hybrid Workplace Concept to Provide More Flexibility to Evolving Teams and Professionals

Private offices give high-achieving executives and teams everything they need to be productive, and desks can now be shared by up to three individuals

AUSTIN, Texas, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After over one year of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, surveys show that employees want both flexible remote work options and in-person time with their teams. That’s why Firmspace, a private office space for discerning, achievement-driven professionals and executives, today announces that it is launching Firmspace Hybrid – its hybrid private offices product – to its core membership.

Firmspace Hybrid provides private and secure office space to better balance the needs of employees, so they can be productive individually and participate in collaborative on-site work when they need to. A membership includes shared access between three (3) members from the same company to office key fobs, mailboxes, a networking dashboard, billing, conference rooms, printing, and more. Members from the same company can share a single desk, but use it at different times.

“From the outset, our private office membership was designed to be shared with an additional person per desk. Now we are introducing even more options to configure your workforce,” said Anish Michael, CEO of Firmspace. “Firmspace Hybrid combines our proworking model with the flexibility that discerning professionals of the future need.”

Firmspace Hybrid members get everything they need to be productive in an office setting, including:

  • Private and secure office space. Members work in an environment that fosters deep, focused work.
  • Increased flexibility. Employers can provide the balanced work environment that employees crave for maximizing productivity.
  • Lower overhead costs. Less desks are needed each day for a fully-staffed office, resulting in big savings on overhead without sacrificing workspace quality and service.
  • Instant scalability. Employers can add or reduce desks as needed.
  • Improved collaboration. Select departments or teams can coordinate working in Firmspace offices on the same day.

Firmspace Hybrid memberships are available in all Firmspace locations, including Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, and Austin at an additional $200 per month. For more information about Firmspace Hybrid, check out our blog post. To book a tour, visit

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Firmspace is the only private office space that offers everything that achievement-oriented professionals need to be productive, including secure and sound-masking offices, white-glove client service, five-star amenities, upscale technology, and professionally trained staff. Executives in law, finance, real estate, consulting, and other industries trust Firmspace to provide an environment that helps them perform their best and excel in their careers. With locations in Denver, Houston, Austin, Chicago, and Atlanta, Firmspace members spend less time worrying about distractions and more time growing their businesses.

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