Armed Forces Brewing Company Challenges America to Gain Its Independence for Great Beer

Navy Seal, Robert J. O’Neill, Invites Americans to Join His Craft Beer Company Honoring the Armed Forces

ANNAPOLIS, Md., July 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Armed Forces Brewing Company, a military tribute craft beer brewing company, today announced a public offering of its stock that provides an opportunity for the general public to invest in the company at an early stage and to help unite beer lovers with an extra passion for their country.

Launched in 2019, Armed Forces Brewing Company was founded by experienced veterans of the food and beverage industry, an award-winning brewmaster, and U.S. Military Veterans including famed SEAL Team 6 Operator Robert J. O’Neill.

“I’m proud to work with some great Americans making great American beer,” said O’Neill. “Our beers pay tribute to the men and women of the greatest military in the world, and I am thrilled that anyone and everyone can own part of this patriotic company at this early stage alongside me.”

The stock offering provides all Americans with the opportunity to invest in Armed Forces Brewing Company for as little as $200 at $10 per share with a goal to raise $7.5 million. Proceeds from the stock offering will be used to acquire a brewing facility to maximize production so the company can reach as many Americans as possible. In the future, Armed Forces Brewing Company plans to open taprooms and breweries across the country. Information on the investment opportunity is available at:

Armed Forces Brewing Company is the parent company for three beer brands that pay tribute to each branch of the Military: Seawolf Brewery (Navy, Marines, Coast Guard), Soldier Brewery (Army), and Airmen Brewery (Air Force and Space Force). The company currently distributes Seawolf Brewery beers in more than 130 stores in Maryland, Virginia, and Rhode Island and is expanding distribution into Florida in August with other states to follow. Armed Forces Brewing Company plans for its beers to also be available for online ordering and shipping to beer lovers in 46 states by the end of the summer.       

“We are more than a local craft beer. Armed Forces Brewing Company has national and international demand and the ability to mass scale,” said Alan Beal, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our three brands – Seawolf, Soldier and Airmen brewery – are already poised for distribution into Military Exchange stores across America and export overseas.” Beal comes from a family with a history of extensive Military service.

In addition to great beer and patriotic brands, Armed Forces Brewing Company is committed to supporting the Military and Veteran community. The company plans to hire and employ at least 70 percent of its workforce from the Veteran community and to have social impact around issues, including Veteran suicide and Veteran homelessness. The company is also in the process of establishing the AFBC Veterans Foundation, a non-profit to support Veterans in transition from active duty to civilian life.

Armed Forces Brewing Company’s stock offering will be held under Regulation A, a law passed as part of the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act that allows small and emerging companies to raise capital by selling stock online through equity crowdfunding. Before the JOBS Act, 80 years of securities law prevented the general public from investing in early-stage private companies like Armed Forces Brewing Company. This process is being led by Kendall Almerico, a noted securities attorney and crowdfunding expert Forbes named one of the top Regulation A attorneys and JOBS Act experts in the country. “This is what the JOBS Act is all about – giving everyday Americans in the general public a chance to do what venture capitalists and the rich investors on Wall Street have been allowed to do for years. Now, anyone can invest in companies at an early stage before the company is either acquired or holds an IPO,” said Almerico.

About American Forces Brewing Company
Armed Forces Brewing Company is a craft brewing company created to pay homage to the U.S. Military through its three beer brands - Seawolf, Soldier and Airmen. Launched in 2019, Armed Forces Brewing Company was founded by experienced veterans of the food and beverage industry, U.S. Military Veterans including former SEAL Team 6 Operator Robert J. O’Neill and an award-winning brewmaster, Bob Rupprecht.

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