Armanino Continues to Support Digital Asset Ecosystem With Expanded Tools Delivered Through TrustExplorer

With Real-Time Attest Module’s New Features, Firm Continues Leadership in Cryptocurrency Trust and Transparency

SAN RAMON, Calif., July 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Armanino LLP, one of the 25 largest accounting and business consulting firms in the U.S., today announced the expansion of capabilities of its proprietary digital asset tool, TrustExplorer, to meet client needs in the rapidly growing crypto asset space. In addition, to complement its Proof of Reserves product, Armanino has advanced its blockchain explorer toolkit through broader digital signature verification and mass balance query abilities.

The pace of innovation, new blockchains and new products has shown no sign of slowing in recent years. While crypto market prices have fluctuated, investment in the space has continued at a steady clip. The result is an ever-expanding set of new hurdles for CPA firms and a rich set of opportunities for solutions. Armanino’s commitment to advancing standards and solutions for the crypto industry necessitates a continued investment in tools that can truly keep pace with the market. As such, Armanino continues to grow TrustExplorer’s functionality to match clients’ current and future needs.

Armanino’s Real-Time Attest module of TrustExplorer has expanded to include stablecoin assets issued on the Tron and Avalanche blockchains. To support clients using these chains, Armanino hosts Tron and Avalanche nodes within the TrustExplorer infrastructure and captures the total circulating supply of a client’s stablecoin in real time. As part of the process, token balances are reconciled to fiat currencies held in escrow accounts for the benefit of token holders, offering stablecoin holders visibility and trust signals regarding the collateralization of the issuer's stablecoin.

TrueUSD is currently the largest stablecoin providing users regular attestations using the Real-Time Attest application, with a market capitalization in excess of one billion issued tokens. Armanino also hosts Binance Chain (BC) and Ethereum nodes to support TrustExplorer’s Real-Time Attest product.

To further support clients, Armanino has expanded capabilities for its Proof of Reserves service. Armanino has expanded its current toolset to verify ownership of bitcoin private keys using digital signatures for P2PKH, P2PSH Multisig and P2PSH/P2WKH Multisig signature schemes. As the prevalence of bitcoin grows, finding its way onto more and more audited balance sheets, with growing materiality, bitcoin testing tools are essential for clients and Armanino.

Additionally, Armanino has built a mass query tool that enables TrustExplorer users to extract address balances from an Armanino-hosted bitcoin node at any specified block height for up to one million addresses at a time. This capability ensures Armanino is able to serve even the most sophisticated clients with complex crypto custody operations.

With an ever-expanding set of supported blockchains and testing tools, Armanino’s digital assets team can support clients across all service lines but will focus on Proof of Reserves and PCAOB-level audit engagements.

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