Invest In Real Estate NOW: 5 Reasons Investing In Real Estate Is More Important Than Ever

Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES

Houston, July 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following the outbreak of Covid-19, the world experienced a series of major changes in how they live, especially on a financial level. Citizens within the United States experienced a sense of stagnation both in new business developments as well as having the freedom to undertake new housing opportunities within the real estate world.

But now that the pandemic has finally begun to ebb, post-pandemic booms are expected to sharply rise within the coming months. According to an article by The Economist, many forecasters reckon that America’s economy will grow by more than 6% this year, at least four percentage points faster than its pre-pandemic trend. With more and more businesses and markets starting to open, investors now have the opportunity to take advantage of the emerging real estate boom, and all on a financially cost-effective level.

Nitya Capital, a privately-held real estate investing firm based in Houston, Texas, is no stranger to understanding major shifts within the real estate landscape. As such, they seek to inform investors on upcoming investing opportunities within a post-covid society, educating them on ways to maximize their overall profits. Below, you’ll find the top five reasons why investing in real estate is more important than ever. 

  1. DIVERSIFICATION OF WEALTH: Diversification is an extremely important concept for investors. When investors spread their money in different types of investments, they reduce their overall risk from different markets. Following the re-opening of society in a post-pandemic world, real estate opportunities are likely to expand in unique and high-demand ways, giving way to more varied investment opportunities in total. And with different cities beginning to add a new flair to their job markets--Dallas and Austin’s newfound interest in the technology/Silicon Valley industry, for instance--there is a shifting landscape of prime property deals waiting to be pursued. Nitya Capital has previously increased its attention on the Dallas and Austin regions given their high retention of interest as well as their surplus of tech-industry employees looking to take advantage of promising salaries and wages within the booming local economy. With an increased level of diversification within the real estate world, investors can capitalize on bold and unique real estate deals to bolster their profits.
  2. THE BENEFITS OF GREAT INTEREST RATES: One of the great things about living in a post-Covid world is that we are currently living in the middle of a housing boom. Due to predictions of a growing economy, it can be expected that real estate markets will feature greater demand for commercial space, as well as higher occupancy rates and property valuations. With the increased demand for properties rising within successful climates for interest rates, investors have solid opportunities to capitalize on regional demand with a solid financial base.
  3. TAX BREAKS: One of the major perks of real estate is that it offers large tax incentives on everything from rental properties, apartments, industrial, and commercial buildings. For many investors, ownership can give way to significant tax savings, including tax sheltering. Investors can take their pick of several different tax break options including deductions, depreciation, passive income, capital gains taxes instead of income taxes, and more. Certain parts of the country are subject to different tax break laws so investors should always be fully mindful of the advantages that each property possesses.
  4. COMPETITIVE RETURNS: Real estate is efficient in that it can enhance the risk-and-return profile of an investor’s portfolio, offering competitive risk-adjusted overall returns. Because we’re in the middle of a massive property boom, many invested properties are certain to draw in some truly competitive returns for their investors, especially if they happen to have a huge degree of population demand. In the past, Nitya Capital has obtained significant competitive returns, delivering up to 21% of returns to its investors since its inception. Nitya’s recent closings of Residence at Arlington and Sierra Park were able to exceed the company’s expectations for its internal rate of return, with substantial gains that presented double the investment in total return results.
  5. PROTECTION FROM INFLATION: Inflation is something to keep an eye out for in any market. The good thing about real estate investing is that it is generally a fantastic hedge against inflation because it holds intrinsic value, is in limited supply, and is a yielding asset. Apartments with popular suburban climates often have a huge draw for students and young families, especially due to the safety, cost of living, and access to resources in the area. The higher the demand, the more likely the investment is to feature a solid hedge against inflation. It’s that easy!

Nitya Capital is offering an online crowdfunding platform to directly connect investors to properties that meet many of these benefits, and all without third-party fees. All interested parties can visit the main website link at