Premom Announces Launch of New Membership Program Aimed to Help Women Achieve Pregnancy Faster

Filling the gaps in today’s fertility apps by bringing together data, products, and physician-level care from home

Burr Ridge, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Burr Ridge, Illinois, July 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Premom, an ovulation tracker app dedicated to having the highest user success rate among ovulation apps, announced today the release of its four new membership tiers, specifically designed to help women better understand and optimize their menstrual cycles to increase the likelihood of conception. Continuing to be an industry innovator, Premom is giving women an opportunity to receive free at-home fertility testing kits, advanced AI ovulation predictions with patented image and interpretation technology to quantify a woman’s hormone tests, and customized, quality care and information from leading women’s health experts.

This Premom membership features four new tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each tier was strategically designed with collaborations from leading fertility experts to better assist women at different stages in their fertility journeys. The Bronze tier, free to all Premom app users, includes Premom’s pioneer 9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee program, which has proven to show a 377% higher pregnancy success rate among those who followed the guidelines of the program. Members will get all of the previous tiers’ benefits, plus their own additional benefits, to better meet the needs of women at different times in their trying to conceive journey.

The Silver tier provides women an entry into understanding their unique cycle pattern to prepare for future conception, while the Platinum tier takes fertility support a step further, connecting users with real fertility providers to get personalized assistance towards how they can conceive smarter.

Paid tiers offer additional benefits, like receiving Premom’s sister brand Easy@Home -- the best-selling ovulation predictor kit, three physician-designed and interpreted cycle reports, personalized content and fertility expert services -- like getting questions answered by a qualified expert, and viewing of the fertility app’s constantly updated Q&A library of accurate answers. All membership tiers are available on iOS and Android devices in the Premom Ovulation and Period Tracker app. Currently only available in the USA but will be released soon to other countries.

More Than Just a Technology Solution

"For years, we have been dedicated to developing a successful path for women to achieve pregnancy faster. Premom offers significant advantages over other fertility apps' memberships, including the best tools, expert services and customized education,” explains Premom CEO Sherry Liu. "Among all fertility apps offering memberships, we are the first to offer 24-hour turnaround time on expert service and free testing products. We have created a higher-value model by uniquely offering free fertility products and timely service from experts that is also comparatively more affordable."

Premom is giving women an opportunity to get customized, quality care and information from real hormonal data and support through leading industry experts, without the high costs of continuous office visits. As an eCommerce and technology company, Premom believes all women should be able to understand their menstrual cycles and advocate for themselves -- and because Premom memberships use data, AI, and physician-level support, more women will be able to take control of their fertility and health. 

About Premom

Premom, based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, is dedicated to helping women get pregnant sooner and naturally. As a unique and innovative ovulation tracker app, Premom is a simple, effective and affordable solution for all trying to conceive women. As part of the Easy@Home family, the largest volume seller of ovulation tests in North America, Premom has already helped over 100,000 women get pregnant successfully with its fertility and health tracking technology and expertise. For more information, visit