The CanCoin Announces Scott de Mercado, Co-Founder of Cannabis Delivery Sciences to its Advisory Board

The CanCoin, a platform that uses blockchain to market friction across the cannabis industry, welcomes Scott Mercado, an expert in tech, media and pharma

Stockholm, SWEDEN

STOCKHOLM, Aug. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) –– The CanCoin, a cannabis token designed to solve market friction and monetization in the European cannabis market, today announced Scott Mercado, co-founder of Cannabis Delivery Services, a subsidiary of Klaria Pharma Holding AB, to its advisory board. The CanCoin seeks to build blockchain-based solutions for the legal, fast-growing cannabis industry. With de Mercado’s expertise as a business developer with an extensive network in media, tech, venture capital, private equity and cannabinoid sectors, the CanCoin will be able to further its mission of addressing key cannabis market problems within the European Union. 

Scott de Mercado brings a world of experience as the founder of Audiotube, a platform that helps artists manage their digital assets while delivering affordable content with efficient and totally transparent distribution, marketing and monetization solutions. His entrepreneurial focus includes tech, media and pharma, providing a perfect combination of value add to The CanCoin’s project. De Mercado also serves as an advisor of Astanor, one of Europe’s largest Food Tech funds, as an advisor to Ameba Capital, one of China’s most successful SAS VCs; and he was the former trainer and manager of heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis for 10 years up to his retirement. 

“Every once in a while, you come across a project that truly has the power to push an industry forward; and for me, that’s The CanCoin,” said Scott de Meraco, co-founder of Cannabis Delivery Services and advisor to The CanCoin. “The opportunity is huge and the market is ripe for a coin that eliminates the friction and opens the global cannabis market; and I’m honored to be a part of the illustrious team leading this charge.”  

The CanCoin solves key market issues such as the lack of transparency, poor tracking of the supply chain, mistrust in monitoring systems for both products and patients, as well as reticence of financial institutions to service the European cannabis market. In response, The CanCoin uses blockchain to streamline payments and processing, management of inventory and medical cannabis cards, patient monitoring, and tracking from seed to shelf. As well, it introduces NFTs and DeFi into the ecosystem. 

The CanCoin was developed by Technicorum Holdings, a DeFi advisory group specializing in digital assets like KingSwap, along with European crowdfunding expert Daniel Daboczy, David Bonnier and Amaury de Poret, the co-founders and investment managers of Enexis, one of the first cannabis investment companies in Europe. Technicorum provides its trusted expertise in managing DeFi projects while David Bonnier and Amaury de Poret will provide access to its diverse portfolio of cannabis opportunities within the European market and market expertise. Daniel Daboczy, founder of the fastest-growing equity crowdfunding platform in Europe and CEO of Technicorum Holdings, will add his crowdfunding and marketing expertise, connecting investors and entrepreneurs, as well as helping to project manage the IDO and solution development. 

“Scott’s experience in this industry is unmatched,” said Daniel Daboczy, CEO of TheCanCoin. “The opportunity for The CanCoin is unmistakable and we’re thrilled to have such an esteemed team of advisors who believe in our mission and are dedicated to leading the evolution of the cannabis industry.” 

The CanCoin will have a finite supply of 420 million coins issued starting August 22, 2021. For more information, please visit

The CanCoin is a cannabis token designed to address friction and monetization within the growing legal European cannabis market. Supported by the investment and management teams of Technicorum Holdings and Enexis AB, as well as Daniel Daboczy, The CanCoin solves key market challenges using blockchain, along with NFT and DeFi elements. The CanCoin streamlines payments and processing, inventory management, patient monitoring, medical cannabis cards and tracking from seed to shelf. For more information, please visit

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