Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At 0.4mg of THC per tablet, Zeno is the first true micro-dose cannabis product on the California market, balanced with L-Theanine to offer precision dosing that benefits overall well-being. A single Zeno tablet offers consistent, mood-boosting, anxiety reducing results without the psychoactive effects of higher dose cannabis products. Low-dose THC has been shown to increase dopamine levels in the brain, delivering a mood boost - without causing burnouts, hangovers, sedation, or any of the other typical downsides of higher dose cannabis products and pharmaceuticals. Due to the revolutionary combination of adaptogens (cannabis) and nootropics (L-Theanine), Zeno’s benefits include a reduction in anxiety and stress, increased focus and memory retention, and increased serotonin levels resulting in an elevated mood. Subtle yet profound, Zeno’s ultra-low dose formula offers consistent results with daily use and allows users to micro-dose tablets throughout the day, maximizing the mood-boosting benefits of cannabis and nootropics without the psychoactive effects commonly associated with higher-dose THC consumption.

When consumed in regular small doses, THC is scientifically proven to relieve stress and when combined with the natural amino acid and nootropic L-Theanine, Zeno can help reduce anxiety, increase focus, and provide a lift in mood. Alongside the more well-recognized benefits of cannabis—relieving pain, restoring diet, reducing nausea, etc—studies are increasingly showing that THC carries potential neurological upsides as well, making it a promising choice not just for specific physical conditions or occasional fun, but everyday well-being. L-Theanine is proven to enhance focus and calm––it’s the reason that green tea offers a more measured lift than coffee without causing jitters or anxiety––and there’s new research suggesting that L-Theanine modulates THC for a smoother experience. The result is a balanced boost of well-being, so you can be your everyday best self. Safe to share with anyone who is curious about cannabis, Zeno tablets are intended to be consumed as part of a morning routine and can be taken every few hours to maintain an elevated flow state throughout the day, customizable to each consumer. 

“All my life I’ve struggled with mental health challenges––be it scattered focus and ADHD, stress and anxiety from burnout, and bouts of depression––and I’ve tried a whole range of treatments from adaptogens to CBD, to SSRIS and prescription ADHD medication, to no avail,” said Zeno Founder & CEO Jack Dreifuss. “While I’d never had great experiences with cannabis in the past, a friend insisted I give it another go at a much lower dose, which ultimately helped me settle on the 0.4mg starting dose — easy to scale up depending on the desired effect. Our research and consumer trials with early adopters showed that these ultra-low doses helped users relax, regain focus and take greater pleasure in their day-to-day life without the head high commonly associated with higher-dose THC products.”

The perfect introduction to the benefits of cannabis, Zeno tablets are named after “Zeno’s paradoxes,” the ancient Greek philosophical puzzles about infinitely small measurements, characterized as “immeasurably subtle yet profound.” Zeno’s micro doses provide macro effects that enhance your everyday. Tart, tangy and lightly sweet, Zeno tablets can be swallowed with water, or can be chewed for faster absorption. Zeno is a company built on well-being, and strives to provide accessible, plant-based healing for all. To that end, Zeno will launch exclusively direct-to-consumer via Grassdoor delivery in California and will be one of the first cannabis brands in Los Angeles to offer a subscription model. 

​​​​"At Grassdoor we are always striving to identify unique and growing categories and bring our customers the latest and most innovative products,” said Grassdoor CEO Zack Ein. “Our data continues to show an increasing demand for low-dose cannabis products, and we see Zeno as an emerging category unto itself as the first true precision dose cannabis supplement intended for daily use."

By launching as a direct-to-consumer product, Zeno is committed to reducing the stigma associated with purchasing cannabis products for first time users. Zeno will be available through Grassdoor in a starter pack of 18 tablets for $20 and in a standard vial of 60 tablets for $60.


Zeno Starter Pack (18 Tablets) Zeno Monthly Pack (60 Tablets)