For Renton Associate Onaleisha Petty, GEICO became her dream job without her even knowing it

GEICO’s Seattle-area office creates new position, Insurance Claims Specialist, with higher base salary, looks to hire 60+ people by the end of the year

RENTON, Wash., Aug. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GEICO looks to add to its robust workforce in Renton by hiring 60 or more new insurance claims specialists—a recently created position that has a higher starting salary than some similar positions.

GEICO offers great benefits and is looking for people from across the greater Seattle metro area who have a positive attitude, enjoy helping others and thrive in a dynamic environment.

For Onaleisha Petty, the benefits, indirectly, are what got her started at GEICO in Renton. Petty was working a temp job in Olympia but needed to move down the coast. Her supervisor knew this and heard a GEICO hiring commercial on her way to work. She listened to all the benefits and urged Petty to apply.

After applying, Petty did additional digging into the reputation of the Renton office and advancement opportunities at GEICO and liked what she found.

That said, “I just applied for a position—I didn’t even really know what it meant. I certainly didn’t know anything about insurance. However, that’s the beauty of GEICO. Once you’re in the door, all the training and mentorship programs take over and you become an expert really fast,” said Petty.

Two years into GEICO, Petty realized she had a career. That’s when another company – what had previously been her “dream job” – came knocking. “I was flattered—this place I had always wanted to work at wanted me. But I was  thriving at GEICO, was in a location I really liked and there were so many opportunities to grow at GEICO. So, I stayed put and I haven’t looked back,” said Petty.

According to Petty, what sold her on staying at GEICO was the people. “I rave about the quality of people we hire. I moved to a new city and I have tons of friends—all from GEICO.  And, people are so eager to develop relationships both personally and professionally. It might be corny, but we all do care about ensuring our colleagues thrive at work and at home,” said Petty.

Now, just past her 5-year anniversary, Petty has moved up in numerous supervisory roles—all within claims.

As to where she’ll be at her 6-year mark, Petty said: “Right now, I’m trying to figure it out – there are so many options. I love claims but there is a whole other world of GEICO. I could move to San Diego or Tucson, Ariz. or any of our other regions. I could gain new skills in auto damage or service. There are all these opportunities, I just need to figure out which one I want to pursue. That said, claims is definitely where my heart is.”

In addition to career and mobility opportunities, Petty has used GEICO’s benefits to continue her education and used GEICO’s profit sharing to pay off student loans she accrued before coming to GEICO.

When it comes to culture and benefits, Petty’s viewpoint is shared by many of her Renton colleagues, according to Regional Vice President Michelle Trindade. “Like the rest of the company, GEICO Renton has continued to thrive. We have consistently promoted-from-within and opened spots to hire new associates. We do our best to slot new associates where they will excel and provide them with the training and support to get where they want to go. The pathways to success really are endless,” said Trindade.

A member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, GEICO is a stable company that was founded more than 80 years ago. The company’s Total Rewards benefits package includes health, dental and vision coverage, paid vacation and holidays, parental leave, and continuing education and tuition reimbursement.

When asked what she tells people about GEICO, Petty answered: “I greatly value my colleagues and my customers. I take pride in my job. If you take that attitude and roll with the fast-paced nature, you can have a phenomenal career here. I’ve lived my whole life in Washington and am so impressed with the opportunities GEICO has compared to other Washington-based companies. At the same time, it’s going to be hard work, it won’t be easy, but you will be rewarded with mobility, career advancements, and pay. The rewards truly outweigh the challenges.”

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