LiveTrade’s low-capital and instant stock trading app: A fresh breeze to the market


LiveTrade team is putting all the spirit into the development of the LiveTrade App, an online stock trading mobile application with zero commission that is expected to significantly innovate conventional securities.

LEWES, Del., Aug. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LiveTrade, LTD. LiveTrade App, one of LiveTrade's flagship products, will officially go into operation in the fourth quarter of this year. This combination of blockchain and securities is envisioned to change investors' habits on the Vietnamese stock market. LiveTrade App allows anyone including students, housewives, workers, etc. to access one of the most difficult and demanding investment markets, by tokenizing stocks from large enterprises in Vietnam.

LiveTrade App’s outstanding features solve almost every problem of the traditional stock market. No more T+2 settlement period, blockchain technology helps to complete the transaction as soon as the order is matched, allowing investors to buy and sell stocks proactively while ensuring the stability of the system. With LiveTrade App, investors can trade 24/7 even outside trading hours without commission, thus maximizing their profit. Simple registration and KYC procedure are the pluses of the application. Users can start their first trade in less than10 minutes instead of waiting for days.

The tokenization of shares means that investors can purchase partial stocks with a capital of as little as $1. Investors can specify a specific amount of dollars to invest and the system will calculate the corresponding number of stocks received. The simple and user-friendly interface is designed for everyone, including amateurs or beginners. The portfolio includes stocks from leading companies in Vietnam, which reduces investment risks for newcomers. LiveTrade App makes the stock market no longer a game for entrepreneurs or the rich.

LiveTrade App is a part of the growing LiveTrade ecosystem. Previously, in June 2021, LiveTrade LTD issued the LiveTrade Token (LTD), aiming to create an unending cycle that will continuously support the growth of the LiveTrade platform and benefit token holders. The issuance of the LTD token is one of the longest steps the company has made since its establishment. With around 55M tokens in circulation, LTD's total market cap on both Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain is estimated to be around $5.5M, more than 50 times its initial cap of only $100K just two months ago.

LiveTrade also introduced a multichain DeFi platform at where holders of KRC20 tokens can benefit from several features. After 10 days from launch, the farming and staking pools on the DApp surprisingly attracted a total value locked of over $2.5M. In the next few weeks, users can even receive tokenized stocks from the securities portfolio of LiveTrade. Additional features such as Lending and Repo are being added, allowing users to supply digital assets or tokenized stocks to earn savings interest or get loans for common needs.

Another exclusive service of LiveTrade is the Digital Initial Private Offering (DIPO) model, a fundraising method operated by tokenizing business assets and offering tokens on LiveTrade’s partnering platforms to raise capital. For the last 9 months, DIPO has assisted several businesses and startup projects to raise a total capital of $30M. A dozen of potential projects are currently under review and appraisal, promising to offer new sources of income to the community. Details can be found at

LiveTrade is on the way to building a comprehensive ecosystem, in which the LiveTrade App is part of a bigger picture where businesses and investors around the world can enjoy the quintessence of digital technology together. LiveTrade’s mission is to provide breakthrough financial solutions with low fees, transparent transactions, and compliance with current regulations.

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