Concurrent Technologies Corporation Awarded $9.4 Million Contract Modifications for Marine Corps Energy Program Support

Competitively Bid Task Orders Increases Current Contract Value to $29.6 Million

Johnstown, PA, Sept. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The U.S. Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM) has awarded Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) two contract modifications worth $9.4 million. These new awards exercise the third option year on a previously awarded contract plus additional scope for services to support Marine Corps’ energy security requirements. CTC won the original prime contract in September 2018 and is working with five small business subcontractors. 

“The support CTC and its team members provide has become the backbone of the Marine Corps Energy Program,” said Randy Monohan, MCICOM Energy Projects Officer. “I look forward to their continued exceptional contributions as we work together to improve Marine Corps energy security in support of critical operations worldwide.”

Through its role as prime contractor, CTC supports the Marine Corps’ efforts across the enterprise. Each level of the organization (i.e. headquarters, regions, and installations) has unique challenges in addressing the Marine Corps’ need to improve energy reliability and installation resilience. At the headquarters level, this support is focused on integrating policy and program activities to ensure compliance with Congressional and DoD requirements, while helping align local and regional activities to the Service’s energy security objectives. This support also provides MCICOM regional and installation-level commands with the tools and expertise to define and validate project requirements and compete for funding across a wide variety of investment programs aimed at reducing the total operating cost of facilities. Examples include development of the template for the Marine Corps Installation Security Plans (IESPs) and completion of the initial set of those plans. IESPs are planning documents that help to identify critical energy resilience gaps through an in-depth analysis of the installation’s current energy program. These plans will be used for the development of projects to close gaps identified by the IESPs.

“CTC is proud of our efforts to provide critical energy and utilities program support to the Marine Corps,” said Edward J. Sheehan, Jr., CTC President and CEO. “This contract award provides validation of the trust in CTC’s commitment and capabilities for delivering comprehensive program and project development support within the Department of Defense.” 

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CTC’s ongoing support to the Marine Corps’ Energy Program and IESP efforts are helping to connect all the pieces of the energy security puzzle to build a plan for resilience.